The Best Small Business To Start Online After 50​

Best Small Business To Start Online


Live Your Dream Online On Your Terms


You have been working for years already and are now approaching the age when you need to start thinking about a little extra income to help cover retirement expenses, Right? You are not alone, I am right there with you in age and planning for retirement. Today, I am going to show you what I feel is The Best Small Business To Start Online After 50, and how it can help you obtain the financial goals you may have

If you have seen any of my previous posts you may know about me and what I do online to make a living, but in case you have just found this site for the first time, let me tell you a bit about me and how I can help you find an answer to what you are looking for.

New Online Business

My Story

I am Todd, I am a family man over 50 and I have been working for many years to make ends meet at a daily job. I also have been dabbling with various online income sources since 2004, some worked some didn’t but most of all I learned how to be a success online and that is what I can teach you today. I recently started a new adventure that has provided me with the tool and skills to maintain a successful business online.

Before when I ran my retail website back in 2004 I was still very new to SEO and Keywords and how they help your site grow and mature. There are many things I have learned along the way but most importantly is the ability to bring it all together and make it work out.


The thought of doing something new can be scary and I understand what you may be thinking, that if you are going to start something new it needs to provide you with the freedom to expand your new adventure and still give you a solid financial option that is not so cost prohibitive that it becomes a money drain.

So what I do today provides the freedom desired and the potential for whatever financial goals I would like to achieve. I am talking about Affiliate Marketing. I am sure you have heard about Affiliate marketing but may not be totally sure how it works.

Let me explain:

The summarized version is. You are the middleman between a buyer and a retailer, like Walmart or Amazon or thousands of others depending on what your market is. What happens is, you have a website and you promote a product or service based on a niche market( a group of people looking for something) that you have found.

Your website would have links that go to the supplier website. So when someone finds your site and they click that link it takes them to the retailer site to complete the purchase. You receive a % commission for it when that happens.

Affiliate marketing Diagram


There are many ways to make money online once you have an affiliate marketing mindset. You can use your new-found knowledge to set up relationships with many suppliers if you choose and promote many things related to your market. The perks are great. You need no physical inventory, no dealing with customer service or returns.

You make money at all times of the day, think about it. Your site is on the world wide web and folks from all over the world can be seeing your stuff, so you can truly make money when you sleep or go on vacation. As you build your exposure and your brand, the financial rewards can truly be endless.

Think about it for a minute, what you do today. Work at a job that requires you to commute to a physical location of some sort and your potential max income is set most likely, so you can only reach a specific amount based on your skill set or what job you do, that job normally only makes a certain amount.

That is very limiting and it keeps you in the cycle of working and paying for a mortgage or car payment or whatever your life requires. You may have debt you have accumulated and feel stuck in the grind you are in today. I can help you change all that.

I have started my Affiliate Marketing business and it has changed my life, I no longer need the daily grind I have been doing for years. I am still hanging around due to my accrued pension I am waiting for a specific age to retire. I will be leaving my current job very soon and no longer be in the rat race and will be able to live the life I choose on my terms. I can help you do the exact same thing.

Make Money Online


To get to the place you want to be with your business, you will have to work at it and work hard. There is no easy path online to make money, folks telling you so are scamming you. The success online comes with effort and a commitment to stay at it even when roadblocks happen.

The amount you make money wise is dependent on you, not the system or the process, it depends on the amount of effort you put in and by following a specific set of guidelines that allow you to repeat them over and over until you achieve the success you desire.

How To Start

Let me show you what I use for my business and see if you think it could work for you. I use Wealthy Affiliate as the place to get the training and tools I need for my business. I have been a member for over 18 months and in that time, the skills I have acquired have allowed me to take my online business to a new level of success.

In order to learn the proper way to make a living online, you need training, and a step by step process that has been proven to succeed by many of today’s most popular website or blog owners. There is just too much misleading information online today that claim that you can make money fast or with no effort at all. Those are all scams and you would be wise to avoid them.

For the answer to your questions please check out my Review Of Wealthy Affiliate To see for yourself

That being said there are also many great programs that will teach you how the online world works and how to profit from it in many ways, so you could set up multiple income streams. The program I recommend is one of the good guys in the industry. In fact, they are the largest online marketing community in the world with over 1.3 million members and growing every day as people realize the gem they have found online.

Membership starts for Free and lasts until you change it, meaning there is no time limit on the free membership. There is also a premium membership which provides you with an unlimited amount of information and tools and training options for your online adventure. You can upgrade anytime, or just wait until you are comfortable with your website and know how to make money from it, then you could afford to make the leap to premium if you so choose.

If you are seriously looking for an option that could potentially change the landscape of your life and allow you the freedom to live life on your terms, then I suggest you at least look into the Free membership which requires nothing more than an email and a username that you create. No credit card or financial information needed at all to sign up.

To be fair I should explain that the free membership comes with 1 week of premium access so you can have full system access to see what is available, you will be given an option to upgrade at a reduced cost for the first month but you certainly do not need to and can wait if you choose. The cool thing is that there are no up-sells or hidden agenda items involved at all, unlike many of the other legit programs online today that lure you in then charge you over and over for the “real stuff”.

I am a relatively smart guy or at least I consider myself as such and I know I would not be part of something scammy that takes my money and provides me with little or no valuable information. I am a member and will remain as such since the system works, I have seen my business grow from nothing into a thriving online entity that I can be proud of and when I am ready will allow me to live the life I want when I want.

Want to join me?

If you have seen enough and want to start right now then select the button below and get rolling for free.


A new adventure awaits and the possibilities are endless. Create your own destiny and thrive. I wish you the best of luck

Feel free to comment below and allow me to get to know you and we can help guide you to anything you may be curious about or answer questions you may have.

Thank you for stopping by


I have been in the online world since 2004 I have the experience to know how to help you succeed. The best decision I ever made is becoming an affiliate marketer as my business is flowing well. I can help you do the same, and get that online business going. Please see my About Todd Page for more information

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4 Responses

  1. Michael says:

    Great review explaining in detail what it takes to create an online business.

    I liked the part where nothing is easy, and the only determining factor for your success is you NOT the system.

    I think too many people are looking for easy 1 push button softwares they will make them thousands a month.

    Truth is though like anything else is in life you want, you’ll have to work at it hard to get the kind of results you want.

    • Todd says:


      Yes people are always looking to get something for free with no effort, heck we all do that right? but in reality to make it really work online it requires work and a great deal of it. But Affiliate Marketing seems to be one of the most rewarding money wise with the least involvement factor. Yes you are nvolved everyday but in a diffferent way than if you ran an auction business or drop shipping or retail website. The results come dependent on the work involved.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  2. Connie says:

    I really liked your article. It makes people stop and start thinking about that much needed extra income for their retirement. I’m in the same age group to. You give a lot of good information on how affiliate marketing works and how it takes some hard work and training to get to know the process that goes into it. But it does payoff if they just stay with it. Thanks for letting people know that there are a lot of but get rich scams out there so they do need to be careful. But Wealth Affiliate is not one of them and you can learn a lot with there great community.

    • Todd says:


      Nice validation of our message. I appreciate it. The trend is moving online so someone looking for extra income can make a good living by starting now. Give it time to mature and retire early. Win Win. Yes the scams are everywhere and Wealthy Affiliate is one of the good guys. The program and community are truly world class.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take care


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