Tired Of Working For The Man? Change The Equation

Tired Of Working For The Man

Your Job Not Giving You What You Need? Change The Equation


We all get there eventually when our current job becomes a drain both mentally and physically and it makes us consider other options for income. Well unless you are one of the lucky ones who works doing what you enjoy, but in reality, many of us are tired of working for the man. So why not change the equation a bit and work for yourself?

I am going to offer you a way to work for yourself and if all goes well, you could potentially quit working for the man entirely. But you will need to stay with me so I can show you how this all works.

There are multiple options to try when it comes to working for yourself and when I say that I mean working online, from home, on your own hours, and in some cases at your own pace. Sound fun? ya way better than commuting every day.

Tired of working for the man

Current Situation

How about we review the current situation then see what we can fix. Currently, you are probably working at a job either full time, part-time or in between jobs and may just be looking for something employment wise that you can do online. Good, you are in the right place. There are several ways to earn income online, I will show you a few and see if you may be interested.

Today’s job market requires you to physically go to a location and perform your job duties and you get paid for that after putting in “x” amount of Hrs or maybe on a Salary basis. There are a few problems with that model, one, you are stuck in one place that you travel to every day or whatever your schedule is, I know my commute is about 24 miles one way so almost 50 miles a day is spent “not working” but driving.

Two, your prospects for how much money you make is limited by your assigned salary amount of hourly rate, which may increase some, but usually, only a few percentage points at best. This means you are limited to what the company decides is your pay rate. We have all been there when you work all year for a raise and then you get a 1 or 2% raise which is really peanuts in the big scope of things. It feels insulting, doesn’t it?

So what happens is, you are stuck in multiple ways in a job that is limiting to your potential and you are also controlled by a company that decides your income class and what your standard of living will be. Not to mention the wear and tear on your body over the time you work there.

I don’t know about you but I worked for over 38 years and it starts to grind you down a bit after a while. The repetition gets old and unfulfilling, right? Your time is valuable and spending it on a job that limits your potential will make you old quick.

Change the Equation

How about we shake it up a bit and try something totally different from what you would normally expect in your daily job. You have a few choices depending on how much involvement you want in the process, I will explain.

Change the equation
For example- You could start a retail website or a dropshipping site, and make a nice living doing it. The work on your end will be, finding a supplier for what you are selling- Salehoo or Worldwide Brands are good places to start for that. But your hands-on portion will be much more involved in the day to day activities on your site, handling purchases, customer complaints, returns and shipping and receiving for example. Pretty much a full-time gig, good for the person who is really motivated and a hands-on type.

Another option is freelancing- Places like Fiverr and Upwork allow you to earn money from skills you have. You may be a good graphics designer and you could offer services to develop website logos or infographics. You could be a good writer and offer to write website or blog content, those are just 2 examples but there are many more to dive into depending on what you are good at. Here are 15 freelance online jobs to do from home

With the freelancing option, you can be more flexible on your time and can control your own workload to a point. You could work only a few hours a week and still make money doing it, so this is something to consider.

Then there is what I do- Affiliate Marketing, which provides quite a bit of freedom to set your own schedule and is rewarding in multiple ways. You need no product inventory, no shipping or returns like in the retail option above. You are the middleman between a buyer and a retailer and when a sale happens as a result if your promotional efforts, you make a commission from the retailer. The percentage of commission varies with affiliates and products some can be as much as 75% which is very nice. Normally though it is around 3-10%.

See the Place I Use To Run My Business


The reason it is what I do is that I can stay involved without having to deal with the transactions, my work consists of creating website content and doing research. Keeping my site updated with fresh information. This allows me to make money while I sleep or go on vacation. The world is the audience and different time zones are online while I am not.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not an easy as moneymaker there is still plenty of work to do, this industry is a test, if you can be patient enough to wait until results come in then you are fine.

It is a great feeling to watch your incoming profits roll in without having to process transactions and worry about missing one or having a delay because I am busy doing something with my family. It really provides a level of freedom that makes this a very rewarding business model.

Eliminate The Commute

So like I mentioned above I travel nearly 50 miles a day during my work week and then work for a set amount of hours and come home and work online on my laptop without having to go anywhere. You can eliminate your commute by working online for yourself, no boss, no assignments due or surveys to complete by a certain time. You set the schedule and work to that, just stay committed and focused and you are on your way

Commute To Work
The flexibility of being able to stay home is very nice. As my business grows I will move to working online exclusively and quit my current day job. This makes a portable income source that can be used anywhere. The trend of the modern economy is moving online, so getting in now puts you in a good spot.


So we have talked about a few options for you to consider changing the equation of working for the man. It is up to you to take the step to make it happen, It took me a while to make the leap but since I did It has been outstanding and the money is coming in and soon I will have my online business as my main source of income.

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Here Is My #1 Recommended Option

What are you considering trying? maybe I can help you find what you are looking for. Please comment below, it really helps others learn and gain knowledge by reading what others comment about. Thanks, I appreciate it.


I have been in the online world since 2004 I have the experience to know how to help you succeed. The best decision I ever made is becoming an affiliate marketer as my business is flowing well. I can help you do the same, and get that online business going. Please see my About Todd Page for more information

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8 Responses

  1. Christina says:

    Thanks for all of the information, Todd. I haven’t tried dropshipping, but I know some people seem to like that. I agree with you on affiliate marketing though.

    I enjoy the flexibility. I enjoy connecting with customers who may be looking for a certain something. I like that I can provide them the information they are looking for.

    What you mentioned – and it’s really important – that it does require patience. This is a job that takes a bit of time. But that time is going to pass anyway, right? You might as well do something productive with it and have a chance of having a completely flexible work life.

    What’s your favorite thing and least favorite thing about affiliate marketing?

    • Todd says:


      My favorite part about affiliate marketing is that I don’t have to process every transaction to make a living like you do with dropshipping or even some auction sites or retail website. I am able to focus my attention to my content and research instead of dealing with orders all day like I did before. The benefit of being able to make money while I sleep or go on vacation is a huge plus. Yes this process takes time, sometimes for people it takes quite a bit of time to start making it work, but the folks who have had success all say the same thing, “Stay With It” and it will work out as long as you follow what you learn in your training and apply it to your business.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  2. Susan says:

    Wow Skydancer! In providing comments since I am new to this that is what I have to say about you page! This is only like the fourth one I have done, due to I want the experience and ideas when working on my own. Your site is nicely laid out with great advertising, your review hits the nail on the head. Graphics are wonderful have no idea where you picked them up but they all fit very well. Your honesty is great here which most people do not include when trying to get people to enter into joining or buying something on-line. Everyone is looking for a get rich quick deal they do not want to put work in before they see money rolling in. Your site is very good at explaining that is not how it works. Fantastic JOB!!!!!!!!

    • Todd says:


      Thanks for taking the time to stop by and share your feelings on this post. I try to tell what is real rather than deceive people just to make a buck like many sites do. The future is bright for online commerce and by providing the information on how it works is what I am all about. I found the images from using the Wealthy Affiliate Site Content tool which contains over 1 million images that are free to use online. Yes folks are trying to find the unicorn without putting in the work like you said, that simply does not happen online. To make money you need to work for it, but the information provided here caan guide someone to the starting point.

      Thans for the comment

      Take Care


  3. David says:

    Thanks for the post, a lot of good information here. I have always been interested in affiliate marketing, but i’m not sure what I would promote. I would like to do something that I could make a decent commission at. Are there any guidelines you could you would suggest when picking affiliates?
    thanks for the help

    • Todd says:


      Good question. Normally people either promote something that the are interested in, or something there is an untapped market for, regardless of their interest in it. The former is what I would recommend for someone starting out and as for any guidlines, I would say once you have your niche picked out, search online for retailers with affiliate programs and review their requirements before committing. Some require you to make at least 3 sales in 6 months like Amazon does. The commissions will vary, I honestly would not get to hung up on what makes the best commission, you will eventually make a great living and can generate mutiple income streams regardless of what rate you are getting. So I would suggest finding a retailer you are comfortable with and go from there. Think long term, can you promote a specific product for a long time just because it has a higher commission rate or are you better served with a solid partneship that pays off for years, who knows you might get both

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  4. Claudia H. Blanton says:

    Yup, I agree – Affiliate marketing is the best and easiest way to get started working online, and actually making some money.
    I have tried just about everything, some with moderate, and some with bigger success – from selling on eBay, Etsy, working as a seller on Amazon, freelancing, you name it – but the one aspect of working online, I always come back to, is Affiliate Marketing.

    Great post!


    • Todd says:


      great insight provided based on your experience online. I agree that affiliate marketing is a great income source, people starting out need to know that it will take time to happen but it is a very good and lucrative option to make money from. I did similar as you using eBay and others and once I found affiliate marketing I am hooked, the freedom provided once you start making money is fabulous. It wont be easy but it is a great option to start with

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


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