10 Great Ways To Find New Website Content Ideas In 2020

New website content ideas

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Stuck on what to write about next? Not to worry, it is normal and most website or blog owners have been there as well, and I know it can be a bit stressful if you have to keep banging out quality content. Below are 10 ways to find new website content ideas in 2020.

I know, I have had this happen and using the methods below helped me to come up with many post ideas, This is especially common for the folks that run their online business by themselves without a staff to help churn out great content and do research for you.

The best part, in my opinion, is that you end up with way more content ideas than you planned on or would have thought of. This business is all about routine and research, so following these steps on a regular basis will hopefully really help.

Below are some ideas to consider that can help you generate ideas about what to write about, research and share information with your readers or followers. They are in no particular order, I just listed them as I remembered them, so take it as you will for which one is your go to choice, but honestly they all work and you can add any of them to your routine and you should be able to generate new website content ideas fairly easily

1. Online Forums

Sign up for some online forum sites and see what people are posting questions about. Quora is great and easy to use. I also like  WarriorForum. A good platform with a variety of experience that can provide great information.

Most forums have a search option, so enter your target audience or subject matter you are thinking about and see what the forum posters have been asking about. Answer some questions if you have relevant information that can help. Or just read answers others have provided. If you decide to answer a question be careful not to just start selling or promoting, you will most likely get labeled as a spammer and banned.

It is OK to drop a link in now and then to an article you have as long as it is relevant but do it sparingly. The intent here is to build trust and a following so people will listen to what you post. This makes them comfortable and you seem more legit than just being a used car salesman.

2. Google Trends

Google trends is a nice website that shows what everyone is curious about. Worldwide, you can see graphics and charts about what is hot in your audience. You can search for any topic and see how popular it is over a specific period that you set.

The shot below is “best vacation spots” and the time period is 12 months. You can use the drop down to choose different time frames, so if you want to see what’s going on in the last 30 days, you could see if a topic is gaining some action and that could lead you to an article topic.

Google Trends

3. Check Out Your Competition

Check out what your competitors are writing about. Many experienced bloggers get good information from others and it helps spur idea’s for them to write about. I am not saying steal someone’s work, I am saying read the articles and learn about what they share, and maybe you can write a different viewpoint or a better version of what you read.

Do not plagiarize or copy and paste from others, you will get caught and your ranks will suffer and you could also have legality issues depending on the content. But there is no harm in getting inspired by reading an article since you may have a different opinion, which you can share in an article.

If your competition has a 10 best post on your topic, then write a 20 best and spice it up with more detail and maybe a video. This is a fairly common tactic used online.

4. Revive Old Posts

Bring old posts to life with a refreshing upgrade. If you are like me you learn as you go along with your website. Information posted in the past can be updated with new information which can create better value for your readers and also a chance for you to get your updated post performing well in searches so you can get eyes on your content.

Giving new life to older content can be done in many ways, adding a video or infographic and adding some updated data, or just changing the layout while adding additional information.

I have some older articles from back when I opened this site that I can go back and update to have a more effective article, That is an example of what I am talking about.

I know this may not apply if you have a new website like the title of the article says, but you can put this one in your playbook for when you have created many posts, just come back and update some along the way.

5. Social Media Trends

Use your social media accounts and look at the trending topics, you can search for them as well on some platforms like Twitter the hashtags people are using is a good option since those are being used by many which can become a very hot topic.

Follow your competition and see how often they post and what they write about. Sometimes just seeing an article title spurs an idea that may not be related to that exact title but maybe a slightly different angle.

You can also search other people social media and read comments others have left and find topic idea’s by seeing how many people are asking similar questions. YouTube has a nice format, read the comments after a video that has many views and you will see a nice set of comments you can gather information from.

6. Google Search

A simple Google search can lead to some great content ideas. When you are doing your research you may find the auto fill on Google search when you start typing. That is data from common searches from others seeking that information. So you can play with the wording a bit and see what are some hot topics you can target with your keyword research.

This can be a great source of information and also keep you on the pulse of what your audience is looking for

Here is a post about finding keywords with a Google search. It is relevant to this topic and will clarify what I am explaining above.

Click the image below to read the article

A Google Search For Keywords


7. Blog Comments

The comments section of your website is great for post ideas. People ask questions or make comments about what they have seen or tried, which is fabulous and you can use that as a post idea by researching maybe another product or trying a new service and then do a comparison or a review.

Always ask for comments on your posts, and make sure you respond to them in a timely manner and provide valuable information for the commenter or even just saying thanks.

This is also a great way to add content to your website. Yep, comments count when Google crawls your site to see if you have continual activity. You can rank well with good user engagement of your information.

You could also read the comments on other websites in your niche and see what is being talked about. Another way to have ideas come to mind for you to post about

8. Share Your Experience

Do you have some knowledge of your product or service? Sure you do. You can leverage that into several sets of blog content ideas. below are just a few ideas, there are many more that I am sure you can come up with.

1. Put together a tutorial on how to use your product.

2. Do an unboxing video(huge on YouTube) or images showing and explaining in a post what happens when a product arrives, show how it is packaged and how to set it up

3. Write a solid review of your product or service and show the pros and cons as well as how awesome it is. LOL

These are just a few examples of what you could do with your existing skill set. I am sure you get the idea and can come up with many more as well.

9. Outsource on Fiverr

You can ask someone else to write an occasional article for you or even more of a full-time option if that is what you desire by using a freelancer who has a good skill set for what you need. You will have to pay for it, but many of the freelancers are very affordable, but as with anything it can get costly if you have a small amount of traffic on your site. But it is still a great option.

I have used a Freelancer of Fiverr- Here is the post that was written for me


The important thing to remember is to have the content be related or relevant to your niche, nobody wants to search for best gardening tools and see a post about setting up your WordPress website. They are not even related.

Get signed up for free on Fiverr and you can either offer your services for a cost or buy someone else s. There are many great freelancers on the site. They can do things for you like create a logo, make a video intro with your logo and brand in it, write content for you, and so on.

Fiverr Pro

10. Guest Posts

Allowing guest posts is a way to get some free content for your site. But it comes with some warning labels as well.

My advice is to put together some criteria that you can post that will explain what you will allow for guest posting.

Here Is my criteria page as an example

You need to make sure there are not a bunch of bogus links in the guest post. Verify them as legit and also vet the writers’ website a bit as well. You would not want bad content or “duplicate” content to drag down your rankings.

This practice can both help and hurt you depending on the content. So it is in your best interest to control it. Guest posting can help fill in the gaps for your posting schedule, and provide a needed break now and then.

Another benefit is that you can connect with others online and network a bit, so as your business grows you will have a nice set of contacts that may be interested in a mutual posting option. You may be able to guest post on their site and link to yours in the article which is another way to drive traffic to you.

Additional Info

Another piece I didn’t mention is breaking down a long post into sections and post about individual topics. For example, I have a 3600-word post on The best website tools for 2020, It has several tools mentioned. I can break out that post into additional articles by taking some of those tools and creating a nice informative article about each tool I mention in the article.

You can do the same. Create a guide or tutorial like I mentioned above and come back later and get real specific about a particular product or service you mention in your guide.

The goal is to have continual content ideas flowing and at the same time provide value for your readers. Take the time to write a good article instead of one nobody will read, just to post on a schedule. Content is King, so make sure you explain your message in a way that helps someone find an answer to what they are searching for.


You are now equipped with the information you need to keep the content flowing on your site. Adding content including comments really works in your favor with search engines. The crawlers will see you have added value and start to push you up the list on some of your posts. For the most part. If you have bad content or stuffed full of keywords, then no.

We covered 10 ways to find new website content ideas in 2020, the intent is to help you out so you can continually add fresh content. After all, content is king online. Follow the methods above and you should have no trouble going forward with many topic ideas.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out this article.

What do you do now for content ideas? anything I left out? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Take care and have a great day.


I have been in the online world since 2004 I have the experience to know how to help you succeed. The best decision I ever made is becoming an affiliate marketer as my business is flowing well. I can help you do the same, and get that online business going. Please see my About Todd Page for more information

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