Wealthy Affiliate FAQs-What You Need To Know

Wealthy Affiliate FAQs

Wealthy Affiliate FAQ’s

[All your questions answered]

Here are some Wealthy Affiliate frequently asked questions or FAQ’s for you that may provide you with the information you are curious about. Many people have asked me about Wealthy affiliate and if they are legit or a scam, well There are absolutely legit and below are some answers to some frequently asked questions that I have been asked about

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Best start with what is Wealthy Affiliate all about. They are an Affiliate Marketing all in one open education project suite of training , tutorials and step by step guides, to get you on the path to online success.

With a massive community to assist and easy to follow training, this is a very affordable as you are taught the proper method for success in the online business world. Many members, some millionaires and some new just getting going are all online available to share experiences in chat to help members

Basically they are a place to learn about how to start and run an effective online business. Offering training, websites,web hosting, keyword research tool, weekly webinar from an industry expert and many great tools to help you succeed, they really are unique in what they offer as an all in one choice for your needs.

see my Wealthy Affiliate Review to help provide more details- Find it Here

Who owns Wealthy Affiliate?
Wealthy Affiliate FAQ





Kyle and Carson are the co founders from back in 2005 when they launched the company. Other company members are regularly available and eager to help members succeed. They can be contacted directly and will respond to questions or comments. It is rare in the online world to have company founders available for questions and answers. Both Kyle and Carson regularly post helpful information to the community and also hang out the the chat portal to assist with questions, I see them in there quite frequently

What training is available?

Online Entrepreneur Certification- Starter members get the Level 1 package as well as a free website which is hosted for free as well. The course in level 1 has 10 lessons, each one has a series of steps to follow that build your foundation for success. There more course modules available for premium members( the paid membership)

Wealthy Affiliate Training Classes


Wealthy Affiliate Certification Training


The Wealthy Affiliate Boot-camp( Free Starter Members get access to Phase 1)

Wealthy Affiliate Training Classes


Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Training

Each of the courses listed above in both sections have multiple lessons within them usually about 10 each and within those there are assigned tasks to perform before proceeding to the next lesson, the system knows where you leave off so you are never lost and you can always refer to earlier training anytime.

In addition to the structured training there are additional classrooms that cover specific topics like email marketing, creating videos , social media marketing and many more

Live webinar training every Friday. Previous webinars can be watched at any time.

Members who have created their own training to help others- Just search for it .( example here) Thousands of additional training tools and information available via other members

What mentoring is available?

The Community- Currently over 2 Million members and growing daily. Any question you are stuck on throw it out on chat or PM and get an answer very quickly. The owners frequently check in to see your progress and offer assistance if needed. The rest of the community is Awesome and willing to help others along the way.

Some members are willing to help others directly in a mentoring type situation, there is no formal mentoring program but every question I have had I asked the community and got answer almost immediately. Some of the more senior members offer up one on one mentoring as a helpful option. They enjoy helping others succeed and it is refreshing to see that. Self promotion of your business is not allowed so they do it as part of being a member of the community

Is the person who referred me my sponsor or mentor?

Mentor sure, But NOT Sponsor, this is Not an MLM company there are no sponsors no multiple levels to attain. I will cover the membership options in a later question. The person that referred you may help you if they offer to in several ways, by guiding you where to go for training and how to get started and also offering any helpful information and assistance along the way if you need it but it is not required and is not a sponsor role.

The community support will be more of a mentor as well. There is always someone online to help if you are stuck. Most members who refer others willingly help them get rolling and offer their time and services to the new members. Affiliate marketing at it’s core is a referral based business model, you learn how to gain income from commissions made when you refer others to products or services that can help them while searching online with your own website

There is a referral system within Wealthy affiliate that does help you gain income as a member who referred another, But it is not the only way to make money, in fact there is an entire course series listed above that has nothing to do with bringing in new members, it is all about you and your business and helping you create a website that generates revenue for you

I gladly help any and all of my referrals once inside Wealthy Affiliate. I have a few bonuses I offer people when they signup and those are delivered in the welcome email I send out to my referrals. I want you all to succeed, because if you succeed we both win, I get credit for a referral and you get a thriving online business in which you can have your own referrals as well as the income you generate from your website.

How do I benefit from Wealthy Affiliate?

You Benefit from the experience and knowledge transfer you get on your way to learning to be successful online. You get to start an online business that truly has no salary cap or limitations, and you have a chance to start it completely free to see if you like it. It is completely up to you how far you go.

You really do have the opportunity to attain the skills to make a living online, that alone is a great benefit.When I joined as a free starter member I was shocked at everything that was available to learn, having been through many other programs, this one was now my home. I have never looked back.

You also network with other business owners and build your brand as you progress and learn. You get a chance to be an authority in your niche market and flourish.

You also get access to industry leading proprietary tools to help you succeed. A Website content creator, a Fabulous Keyword tool, Site Speed and PageSpeed Insights which speed up your website load times ( this is a big deal for rankings), access to hundreds of pre-recorded Webinar training on a variety of topics this is in addition to the structured training already offered, so many more benefits as well.

Many more platform updates on the horizon for this year and next. there are constant updates being done to the platform which keeps it current with the market times so you have the most accurate information and tools needed to succeed

How Do I Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate?

You make money by following the training and using the tools and skills gained in order to produce and operate a revenue generating website or several if you choose, you can have upto 10 hosted websites as a premium member. It does take some time to get going, but as you share experiences with others you will see you are on the right path to a sustainable living online.

You will gain the skills to learn how to find a niche market and sign up to anyone of thousands of affiliate programs that reward you for sales by commission, including Amazon, Walmart and many other Affiliate networks that can connect you with hundreds of affiliate opportunities. The training walks you through step by step and is self paced so you can go back and re due anything you like.

You create a website from scratch using a WordPress editor with easy plug and play options, once your site is online you enhance it by adding quality content which converts as revenue. You will learn this in the training

Why Wealthy Affiliate and Not Other Programs?

This is Totally your call, as there are many legitimate programs to follow online, a few I have listed on my reviews page and there are many more as well. However,most members as well as myself will attest to the fact that it will be difficult to find as much training and resources and community support somewhere else as there is at Wealthy Affiliate. Just the value of what you get for the cost is a massive savings to what other programs offer

We have many members who are also members of other programs as well. This really is a complete package deal. You get a website totally free and you get the training, to help you get there. The paid membership is affordable and has no catch, no additional up-sells like other programs. Training is constantly updated and relevant to today’s industry.

The cost of a premium membership covers everything the platform has to offer, with no tricks or hidden agenda like other programs

  What is this Great Community I hear about?

Wealthy Affiliate boasts the largest affiliate marketing community online. This image states 800K but it has grown to well over 2 Million and still growing. Each member is working on a dream, the community support via chat, PM ,or member training is simply unmatched online

This is the largest online business community in the world.

Wealthy Affiliate Community Support


What Are The Wealthy Affiliate Membership Levels?

Below is a chart that lays out the membership levels;

Basically you have 2 choices

  1. Free Starter Membership –Free for ever
  2. Premium Membership $49 / Monthly  or $495/ 1 Year-

You have the option of paying Yearly and saving Money as it costs $495 /Yr roughly $1.35 a Day. Saves by going yearly as opposed to $49 a month

Wealthy Affiliate Membership Options

To get a real grasp of the memberships you need to ask your self am I doing this for fun? or as a business? Hopefully both, but if you are doing this as a business then you know there are costs to any successful business, this is no different. Wealthy Affiliate has made it affordable instead of many programs out there costing hundreds or even thousands to give you much less information than you get thru Wealthy Affiliate.

Will My Free Starter Membership End After 7 Days?

No– Folks here about the 7 days at the beginning and think that they only have a free membership for 7 days. That is false, your free starter membership lasts forever unless you change it by upgrading to a premium membership or closing your account. all the training in level 1 of the certification course and phase 1 of the boot camp are still accessible and you still have your free website you created with this membership.

Here is the deal on the 7 days at the start. When you join for free you get a limited premium access for 7 days to show you what is available to you. The entire system is yours for 7 days. If you choose to upgrade to premium within that 7 day window you get the first month at $19 instead of $49. The way I look at it is, you get 5 weeks for $19 to see if this is what you are looking for.

After 7 days if you decide to not upgrade you still have your free membership rights and all that comes with it.  The certification course is a foundation for success and you can make a living online based entirely on the free membership.

I will say to be honest that it is harder to do, but it is possible and has been done. There are many websites online using the free starter package. any website you see online that ends with Siterubix.com is a wealthy affiliate free starter website. There are no limitations for the website or the editor so you can build it however you like.

More information about free starter is here on the SiteRubix.com website. Siterubix is part of wealthy affiliate, they are the platform used to create the free websites with free hosting

How Do I Find Products To Promote?

You go through the training and you are shown how to find affiliate programs, they are everywhere. Many more companies will need affiliates in 2020 and beyond. You also learn to produce good content on your site so folks will find you and possibly purchase your items. The best way to really explain it is to start the training. seriously.

Do I Need Inventory Or Products Of My Own?

No that is one of the many great things about affiliate marketing, you do not need inventory or shipping or returns or any of that normal business type operations. You advertise for someone else and get a commission when an item sells from your website. You are basically the middle man between the customer and the supplier or retailer. Here is an example:  I will use Amazon as an example, there are many more besides them, I am simply using them as an example.

Say you have a website that promotes healthy food for dogs and you have an affiliate relationship with Amazon and someone finds your website and decides to purchase one the items you have listed on your site through an affiliate link on your website, they get taken to Amazon via your website, you get paid by “Amazon” for the sale.

You get a percentage of the final sale. to be clear this does not affect the customer in anyway, there is no price increase for them to cover the commission, your reward comes out of the listed Amazon price. Wait there is more, anything else that user purchases on amazon during that same buying session you get credit for that as well. like for example if they buy the dog food then decide to get the kids that RC car they want or a new TV you get credit for those sales also. Cool deal right?

so you never have the inventory as it is all at Amazon, you don’t deal with customer returns nor shipping costs.

Are There Any Up-Sells or Hidden Fees?

No. No Spamming you for more money or making you pay additional fees to access further training. Premium membership is exactly how it sounds. Full system access with no other fees involved. You will get the offer mentioned above in the membership area for 1 month at $19 but that is completely optional

It is a very nice perk for premium members, every Friday we have a live webinar training session on a specific topic like how to find a niche market or get your site ranked in Google the proper way. Available as a premium member with no additional fees required, and full access to all services offered. Also it is important to note that the webinars do not try and sell you anything like other programs online, they are strictly for training of that weekly topic. They are fantastic and a great way to learn from a 13 year online expert

The only other thing that you may want to consider as an additional cost would be Jaaxy Keyword tool. I will cover that next. However, The premium membership gives you a free version of Jaaxy that allows you to keep using it as long as you like for free , so you don’t have to pay for the pro or enterprise versions until you decide it is time when your business is making some money

If you decide you decide to upgrade to premium and purchase a domain name for your website like a mywebsite.com then that is a cost of about $15 a Year which is standard within the industry.

Jaaxy? What Is That?

Jaaxy is a suite of tools used for keyword and SEO research for your website. It is not required to use it as a member of Wealthy Affiliate. Jaaxy has it’s own affiliate program as well and is available for free and also has fee’s as well depending on the level you use. Jaaxy offers much more than just keyword research so it is a great tool for your business

There are 4 levels of costs for Jaaxy. Free, $49 /Mo  or $99 /Mo. and Jaaxy Light, which is a premium members dream as it gives you Jaaxy for Free, all memberships are good and have various levels of features. See My Jaaxy Review for a more detailed walk through of Jaaxy

Update: Jaaxy has recently been integrated into the Wealthy Affiliate platform as the keyword tool for all members and there is an additional feature called Jaaxy Lite which gives premium members Jaaxy for Free basically with unlimited keyword searches. Here is the link about it within Wealthy Affiliate

Jaaxy Info Here

You can certainly use any tool you prefer as a keyword tool, there are many good ones with free trials so no worries on that. There is no requirement to use Jaaxy so it is not really an Up-sell. It is just an awesome tool, that’s why it is so popular.

Is There a Keyword Tool Available For Members?

Yes. Wealthy Affiliate has a keyword tool available to all members. Jaaxy, as covered in the previous answer.

Why is Wealthy Affiliate Free to Join?

Because it is real. It is not a scam and the entire community as well as the owners truly want every member to succeed, so they have made a system that is easy to follow and want to help folks interested in creating an online business get started. Do you think 2 Million plus members would be involved if this was a scam? No way.

A company that is legit Like Wealthy Affiliate Is ,and has a good product can stand by that and offer a free membership.

Is There An Affiliate Program For Wealthy Affiliate?

Yes there is. one of the highest paying programs online.  See the chart below for a breakdown

Wealthy Affiliate FAQ

Free Starter members are eligible for the affiliate program as well. You make a bit less as a free member but you can still participate and that is good. You can choose to promote the company and earn a nice income and at the same time have a seperate affiliate site running promoting products,and have a nice lucrative business online.

This Affiliate program is not a requirement, you can promote if you choose or go the route of a product affiliate site like I mentioned

When Will I Start Making Money?

Good question and the main one everyone asks. The true answer? It is up to you. To be more specific, you will make money based on how well you followed the training available that gave you the foundation and how hard you work at your website and research.

Typically it takes 2-6 Months for Google to really start ranking you on the top of the pages provided you did proper keyword research.  Yes you can make money way before that time and many have, I see it in chat all the time. Folks fired up a site 2 weeks ago and are already making a profit.

There are many factors that play a role in your financial gain. How specific is your niche, How well you did your research, How good is your website content. All factors that play a role. The  fact that we live in the instant gratification world makes it hard for many folks to have the patience to let this mature into a money making machine. But when it does, it is fabulous. The system works if you follow the training

Can I Make Money As A Free Member?

Yes you certainly can, many member have. I know folks who have the free website up and running and are doing just fine. There is so much more information available as a premium member that makes it much easier, but you for sure can make money at this as a free member.

Can I Really Have a Free Website?

Yes, Starter members get access to a free website using the Siterubix platform inside Wealthy Affiliate. You still get all the SSL security on your site and free hosting as well. – I have a Post on how the free websites work with a video walk thru- See it Here

What Is Required To Join Wealthy Affiliate?

Only name- Email address and  a user name for wealthy affiliate account, No credit card or other personal information is needed to join. Once you join it is a good idea to set up your user profile so you can connect with the community. This is set up much like a Social media community so you need to have a profile to get the full benefit from the membership. You can Join Here

Thank you for reviewing the wealthy affiliate FAQs. I will be adding more eventually but these are the main questions I get asked most of the time. I am more than willing to answer any other questions you may have, simple comment below or email me using the email in my about Todd page and I would be happy to answer your questions

If you like this page please share it. We would appreciate it. I hope I helped you understand Wealthy Affiliate a bit more



If you would like to give Wealthy Affiliate a try and get your online business started, you can click the button below


Wealthy Affiliate Join


I have been in the online world since 2004 I have the experience to know how to help you succeed. The best decision I ever made is becoming an affiliate marketer as my business is flowing well. I can help you do the same, and get that online business going. Please see my About Todd Page for more information

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