Wealthy Affiliate-Jaaxy Best 2 for 1 Deal Online Today?-New Bonus Offer

Wealthy Affiate-Jaaaxy Best 2 For 1 Deal Online

Wealthy Affiliate-Jaaxy Is Unbeatable Get Them Both At The Same Time

The Holy Grail of Online Business Platforms and the Most Advanced Keyword Tool on the planet in one place

New Bonus Offer included May 2020

You are in the right place to find a deal that will provide you with both a great Keyword and SEO tool and The best online marketing courses available today, Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy Keyword tool all wrapped up in a 2 for 1 deal that is truly a must-have for any serious online business owner. Stay with me and I will walk you through a scenario that should really make you think about what it can do for your business.

So in the spirit of honesty and full disclosure, I need you to know I am an affiliate for both Jaaxy and Wealthy Affiliate so you need to know that. The reason I tell you this is so you know right off the bat that I am being honest and trying to provide you with quality information. However I use both for my business which is successful and I would not do so if it was a scam, so I share the deal with you.

Many affiliates would want you to join both platforms separately, so they can get a referral for both. I will be showing you the best value by stating you only need 1 of these while the other is included. Let me explain below why you can have both for one price.


Jaaxy The Worlds Most Advanced Keyword Tool

First, let me start with Jaaxy so you understand what it is and how it helps you out- Jaaxy is an all in one keyword and SEO suite of tools that can help you out with normal keyword searches as well as many other tasks like checking your SERP rankings in Bing, Yahoo, and Google at the same time.

The Alphabet Soup feature really helps provide many topic options in just a few seconds, Brainstorming tab allows you to add potential keywords to it and compile a list and brainstorm trending topics within your niche. You are also able to find relevant affiliate programs you can sign up within just a couple clicks. These and many more great features are spelled out in my Jaaxy Review if you want more details.

Jaaxy was created by the owners of Wealthy Affiliate but until recently was a tool that was separate from the platform within Wealthy Affiliate, so even members had to log in outside of the platform to get into Jaaxy. Not Anymore.

As of recently, Jaaxy has been integrated into the Wealthy Affiliate platform so members only need to click an icon to use the tool. They dropped the other keyword research tool and made Jaaxy the official Keyword tool of Wealthy Affiliate.

Still, with me? Awesome because that is incredible. Here is why

Jaaxy Costs

Let’s talk about costs, Jaaxy has a free option that gives you the ability to try it out with just an email address, which gives you a great feel for what the tool can do for you, as you progress in your business you will want to consider the paid portion of Jaaxy that can ramp up your business even further.

Why? because they have more features and are also faster and much easier to get information quickly. Here is a chart below that lists the prices and options of Jaaxy Plans- Before I lose you please keep reading as I will show you the value I mentioned above. See The Two charts below to compare

Jaaxy Membership Costs
What you see above are the features as costs available to existing members of Wealthy Affiliate. The Costs for Non-members are listed below

Jaaxy Membership OptionsSee the difference?

There is no Jaaxy Lite in the non-member version and the Pro and Enterprise options are double the price. So here is how I can really help you out.

Wealthy Affiliate

Let’s Talk about Wealthy Affiliate for a minute and consider the costs associated with Jaaxy as it relates to your business.

If you have not heard about Wealthy Affiliate then I will summarize and give you a link to my Review so you can find out what you need to know, in case I do not cover your questions. Wealthy Affiliate is an online business training platform that provides tools, training, and services to teach you how to start, maintain and successfully run an online business. They are the industry standard for online business training

They really have it all in one place, including Jaaxy which is a vital tool for success. Here is my Wealthy Affiliate Review that covers much more details about what I just mentioned above

So here is how I can help you out.

There is a free starter membership for Wealthy Affiliate that gets you rolling in your business and has many classes up to 20 that can show you how it all works, but the deal is you will eventually want all the features that a premium membership covers, as there is so much more leverage for your online success because of it

Which is 120 classes and unlimited access to thousands of member training options and also hundreds of online video webinars, not to mention all the tools like Site content and comments tools, Free secure website hosting, up to 10 top quality websites and the list goes on. It is detailed in my review above

The Costs And The Deal

So the free starter membership is free and there is no time limit to try it out. A pretty sweet deal. But the Premium membership is really all you will ever need for your business needs and it is $49 a Month, Yikes you say! that’s a month? Yes, it is and I challenge you to find a better deal than what I will be showing you. It gets better.

Notice the costs of premium membership then refer to the Jaaxy Chart for existing members above. See the Jaaxy Lite option? It is Free to premium members, so you can get a fully functioning Jaaxy for the cost of a premium membership in Wealthy Affiliate rather than pay for both or even pay Just for Jaaxy. That is an awesome deal.

The cost of the platform that Wealthy Affiliate offers and including a keyword tool for $49 or less a month. You may find something similar but I am sure it won’t be easy. Not just your run-of-the-mill keyword tool, Jaaxy is one of the best in the industry. So you get industry-leading tools and The Holy Grail of online business training all for one cost.

How this helps you out

Well, first let’s do the math- Premium membership $49 a month, Jaaxy Pro version ( the cheapest pay version) $49 a month. That’s twice the cost. Why not get both for one fee of $49 a month and wait until your business generates a profit before upgrading to a more costly option if you choose.

Many of the top of the line keyword and SEO tools cost much more than that per month. The value of this idea is obvious if you are a business owner. The other tools are just that, tools, they leave out the part about training on how to set up and run your business

You may have only been looking for a keyword tool for your existing business but what I am providing you is a 2 for 1 deal that will be hard to beat due to the value of the membership options. Once you join Wealthy Affiliate as a free starter member, you get 1 week a premium for free, so here is what I suggest to you as my recommendation.

Do not buy Jaaxy by itself, Try the Wealthy Affiliate starter membership first and see everything that is available as a premium member for a week, then decide if you want to upgrade or not and if you do, you simply active Jaaxy Lite and you’re in.


So I just saved you a great deal of money by showing you a great offer if combined together. I have an even better deal for you. A Bonus Offer Expires 5/11/2020 at Midnight.

Get Wealthy Affiliate Premium Yearly Membership for a reduced rate.

Select the banner below to get started


for the first time in 15 Years of being in business Wealthy affiliate is raising the cost of the Yearly membership currently at $359 a Month, but the offer above lets you get a great savings and locks you into that same cost going forward so you are not subject to the price increase. The new rate $495 goes into effect 5/12/2000.

Additional Perks of a Premium membership

Besides all the great features like free Live weekly webinars,120 Classes, Free Keyword tool, and Easy access to member training, secure super fast web hosting all of which are already part of a premium membership, Here are additional options included for you

  • Free .com Domain. You get domain credits for a .com domain when you upgrade.
  • $50 in Community Credits. You can use these credits towards the SiteComments/SiteFeedback platforms at Wealthy Affiliate so you can get engagement on your website, and website audits.
  • $93 discount on paying month to month (Essentially buying 10 months, getting 2 months free)

As your business grows and matures into a money-making machine, you will want what premium has to offer and not have to have any additional costs that pop up unless you choose to upgrade Jaaxy but that’s it, no up-sells, no behind the scenes costs, your fee is all you pay and that’s it.

There really is nothing like Wealthy Affiliate, they are constantly updating their training and tools and since they operate websites on a WordPress platform you get industry-leading professional websites and learn how to make them profitable by taking the guesswork out of the money making process. And you have the backing of a fantastic community to support and assist you along the way.

It is also a given that if you are truly Serious about an online business that you will need to have “some” operating costs associated with it.

Getting the free stuff works and yes you can be successful with it,  but thinking ahead long term are you going to want to change over your entire business later to a payment option maybe on another platform? or are you going to keep chasing all the free options hoping to catch lightning in a bottle? Good luck, But if you really want this to work you need to understand that there will need to be some costs associated. take it from a guy who started free and is now running a fully functioning online business for less than $100 a month.

I know we all want to make millions and pay nothing to get there, but let’s be real about it. If it was that easy everyone would be rich right?

So I leave you with a few options below- One is a link to go Premium right away with Wealthy Affiliate that is if you are already convinced- If you click the link you will be taken to a page that compares both the starter and premium memberships side by side so you see the difference. You are not committing to anything just by selecting the link.

I’m Ready Show Me The Premium Option


To Try Wealthy Affiliate as a Free Starter member below and see what I have shown you to be true, Just select the banner below to start right now, no payment details needed, put away that credit card. Only an email address and you select a username and you are in.



If you are convinced that all you need is Jaaxy then here you go- Give it a shot for free just enter any keyword into the box below and see the power Jaaxy offers you.


Thank you for stopping by and following along with me, I really try to provide the best value to you when I share information. Many people would want you to do both and not lead you on the right path, simply so you can be a referral for them to both platforms.

I want you to have a legitimate shot at making it work online, to achieve all you want to achieve. So please consider what I have put before you and I know you will make the best decision for your situation

Please feel free to comment on this article below or share it, I would love to connect with you and guide you to a great decision, even if it is with another program.

Take Care



I have been in the online world since 2004 I have the experience to know how to help you succeed. The best decision I ever made is becoming an affiliate marketer as my business is flowing well. I can help you do the same, and get that online business going. Please see my About Todd Page for more information

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22 Responses

  1. Don Herman says:

    I’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for 4 years now and I could not have accomplished all I have without it.  I now run 4 websites dealing with my hobbies, baking and traveling, and I am having a ball!  WA has taught me how to drive traffic to my site in a natural, organic way, without tricks or silly sensationalism.  And Jaxxy helps me to refine my posts to appeal to exactly what people are looking for BUT AREN’T FINDING.  It’s simply invaluable.  I’d do it all over again, yessiree!

    • Todd says:


      You have said it well, they teach the proper methods to create a successful online income stream, and without all the up-sells and add ons. You get access to the entire platform as a premium member and a Free keyword tool that is one of the best available today. It is nice to see others who have had success pop in and share what they have learned. I would also do it again.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  2. Emmanuel Buysse says:

    This one looks promosing, I have heard lots about jaaxy and Wealthy Affiliate, and having them both, and with a huge discount of Jaaxy, it is a win win.

    I am somewhat reluctant to online business sites, because all of the scam out there.

    You can convince me that this platform is a good one?

    • Todd says:


      I totally understand the reluctance, I have seen many scams and I can assure you this is NOT one of them. I feel like I am a fairly informed person and I know I certainly would not be using their services if it was a scam. I cannot promote something I see as shady, so I fully endorse Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy as legit tools and resources for your online business. The Free starter membership speaks volumes by itself since there is no time limit and has no financial information required so the risk is removed, who would offer that if they couldn’t stand behind it? The best way to find out is to try the free membership and take the system for a test drive. You will see why I and over 1.5 Million others like it so much

      Hope that helps

      Thanks for the comment

      Take care


  3. brad says:

    Thanks Todd, this is a very helpful and info rich post. Having both of these services at a cost of $49 / month is a bargain, as I know that what you say is true. There are costs associated with running any type of business and an online business is no different. I pay that much for cable TV , so when I look at my priorities…well $49 / month to kick start my business just isn’t much. I noticed in Jaxy Lite there are unlimited keyword searches and 20 keyword results. Can you tell me what the difference is? Thanks Todd.

    • Todd says:


      Yes Jaaxy lite is fully functional, the difference is that you just get smaller amount of keywords displayed per search and you have to manually select the QSR columns and there is still a Rank Checker but no rank graph like in Enterprise version. You get unlimited searches and that is the important factor. Pro and enterprise allow you have more than 1 keyword tabbed at the top of each search which is nice and they are also faster and more automated. Yes the bargain of $49 a month is fabulous for both. People may think that is a costly expense but really it is not when you compare to other things you pay for monthly like you said cable TV. Would you rather pay for something that can change your life or sit and watch TV while the rest of us make a living online? LOL:) Also once your business is generating a profit the cost pays for itself

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  4. Judy says:

    Todd I really liked your 2 for 1 punchline associating Wealthy affiliate and Jaaxy. I am still paying for Jaaxy and I did not realize there was no need to so thank you for sharing that piece of valuable information. It is a great tool and I agree totally with your review of it. What I would like to know is how you were able to get such a clear screen shot of it. I find most screen shots are very difficult to read but yours was perfect.
    Wealthy Affiliate incorporating Jaaxy is certainly the best way to go for a newbie.
    Thank you for this well written and presented article.

    • Todd says:


      Well the screenshot ended up working out better than I thought. I optimizze every picture before putting it on the site and sometimes the quality suffers as a result. This was done with sniping tool in windows 8 and tinyjpg to optimize the image. yes jaaxy incorporated iinto the Wealthy Affiliate portal is huge especially for beginners since there is no additonal cost to have a full working version.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  5. Frederick says:

    Hi Todd,
    thank you so much for all the great information that you’ve provided here.
    I’ve been wanting to start my own online business for quite some time now but it seems everything that I’ve seen was a lot on the scammy side of things and they always put a lot of doubts about me going further with any business venture.

    The very informative information that you’ve given here has changed my mind and taken
    away any doubts that I have had about starting a online business!

    Thanks again,Frederick

    • Todd says:


      Awesome, glad you are ready to take the plunge into a new journey with an online business. There are many scammy products out there so I only promote what I know are legit. I am happy that you found this post informative, that is the intent. To show the value to someone contemplating starting an online business. The cost of $49 a month gets you both a fabulous Keyword tool and the Holy Grail of online business platforms all in one package.  I wish you luck in your online adventure. Look me up if you need any assistance or information

      Take Care


  6. Roberto Mendonça says:

    Can’t agree more. I”m having great results using them both.

    • Todd says:


      It is nice to see results from both in one place without having to have multiple tools and sites to go to and for 1 price. Even better

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  7. JeffWA says:

    Hi, Todd. Being a slightly over 3 year member of WA, I can attest to the amount of tremendous educational training, tools and community support that is available for a motivated person to be able to succeed in an online business.

    This is aided by what has to be simply the best keyword research tool available anywhere on the Planet in Jaaxy, designed by WA’s two founders. The fact that Jaaxy now comes in 4 options and that through joining WA as a premium member, (even at $49/month this is an absolute steal) one is entitled to the opportunity in using the Jaaxy Lite tools is incredible!

    Yes, it’s not the Pro or Enterprise versions of Jaaxy. Still, the Lite version is better than any other like keyword research tool that could be found online to enable a person to make use of proper SEO practices when writing content articles for a website(s).

    As you further stated, WA is constantly upgrading their training and tools. I look at other similar programs designed to teach their members on the best practices in running an online business, and who still use training that dates back to the year 2010. Quite outdated and basically useless!

    Your article, Todd, goes a long way in proving that together being a member of WA and having the ability to use the program’s outstanding Jaaxy keyword research tool represents the best of both worlds!


    • Todd says:


      Wow what a ringing endorsement of our message. I appreciate it. Like you said $49 a month is a steal and I had to share the message that you can get Jaaxy Lite for Free with Premium membership. Also getting basicallly half price on the paid options makes it an even better deal for members That is fabulous with all the potential Jaaxy has in relation to SEO and Keywords , not to mention all the other features it has.

      I tried to point out that this is a can’t miss deal since you get both for one price. Your endorsment I hope really helps see the validity of our message. I also see other programs out there that even though are legit and still a good source of information, yet they have not updated training in years.

      Times change fast online, and Wealthy Affiliate is always updating to stay with current and in most cases future market needs. I lost track of alll the updates they did in 2017, several new platforms added and updated training and many more. Much more planned for 2018, including a new user interface and a more streamlined way to find information and get any help needed

      People can learn from your experience as a 3 year member. I am glad and greatful you took the time to comment. 

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  8. Kenny Lee says:

    I’ve been around at Wealthy Affiliate for almost 3 years. Having Jaaxy integrated for free is one of the best things in recent days. As keyword research is my top priority when creating blog posts, I find it a great move to make it available to the members, without paying anything extra.

    • Todd says:


      Yes for sure it was a great move to make Jaaxy available to members at no cost. That is why I wrote this article showing that you can have both Wealthy Affiliate and all the massive amounts of information they provide and get Jaaxy at the same price. Keyword research is important as you well know, so having this great opportunity to share this information was a must for me. Those of us that are SERIOUS about an online business realize that there will be some costs associated to it, and having these 2 together for 1 cost is a must in my opinion.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  9. Michael Jackson says:

    Great read! For everyone that doesn’t know, wealthy affiliates and Jaaxy are truly the way to go! Get your online business started with as few headaches as possible! They have great tools which make the coding and website building a breeze! What has been your favorite part about being a member of WA and Jaaxy?

    • Todd says:


      Glad you liked the post. I agree that the 2 together are a must. They have removed the risks as well as the hassle of starting an online business at Wealthy Affiliate. They truly offer everything need to be a success and at one price for everything including JAAXY!!. My favorite part? hard to pick just one so I would say that the community pay if forward approach to helping each other succeed and the never ending training updates and information available to members, it is really great to be able to do everything I need to do in one platform without having several accounts on several platforms to get a business running. No coding required, easy snap and go websites that are professional. Truly the industry standard in my opinion.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  10. Mia says:

    Thank you very much for your honest review of Jaaxy and Wealthy Affiliate.
    It is good to know that Jaaxy is already included in Wealthy Affiliate, so it makes sense not to buy Jaaxy as isolated product.
    I have been using both already for quite a while as well and I can confirm what you are saying. Wealthy affiliate is probably one of the best online courses out there and brings a lot of advantages.
    Best regards,

    • Todd says:


      They hit a homerun when including Jaaxy into the Platform at Wealthy Affiliate. The fact that you have been using both for a while now just validates my point about how this is a must have for any online business owner. The value provided for the cost is un matched.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take care


  11. Daniel says:

    Awesome informations! Jaaxy is very cool “machine” that can help people to succeed in online business. i am using it as a keyword tool and I am very satisfied with it. I would like to recommend it all those folks who want to start affiliate marketing or blogging!
    Great job!

    • Todd says:


      Thanks for your recommendation. I use it exclusively as well. Having both Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy in one place is a great find. Jaaxy alone is an awesome tool and combined with the core training from Wealthy Affiliate you get to truly see the power of Jaaxy.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


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