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Get Paid To Be Social


You may be thinking, great just another social media platform to add to the already clouded mix. I thought the very same thing when I heard about it.

However, I quickly realized that Webtalk is much different from the other platforms. Webtalk pays you for being active on social media. Yes that is correct, you can get paid from a social media platform

Here is a great video explaining how Webtalk works and how it is different from other platforms Please watch the video, it should help explain what I am offering you.


During the launch of the current Beta testing. Webtalk is offering one of the most lucrative Affiliate programs.

A 5 tier 10% per tier income stream from Webtalk for all activities from your referrals. Up to 50% payout of company funds is possible, They share revenue with the membership at Webtalk.

Just so you know. I am a Webtalk Affiliate Marketer doing my best to give you an opportunity that may only come once. If you sign up via my link you will be my referral, just like you can do and have others invited by you. Continue on to find out why this is an awesome deal. It is my job as a marketer to look for opportunities to get ahead of the competition and still provide value to you, that is what this post is about. An opportunity, what you choose to do with it is up to you.

Webtalk Promo

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One Sign up A day Strategy

What Is Webtalk?

The new kid on the block known as Webtalk is a FREE social e-commerce platform that combines the ability to purchase items in an online shopping format with a social media platform that allows you to keep much better track of your followers and referrals, by breaking them out into categories and using Tags to help you sort it out. The goal is to simplify your social experience.

No more awkwardness with trying to follow or unfollow people, you can still do all that but use a category to put them into so you can better control your list.

How You Get Paid

First of all, you need an account before anything happens for you joining and being an active member is FREE , right now the system is in Beta testing and they have offered members a 50% revenue share for those who participate in the Beta by building a referral list of users. Like the video above explained, there are 5 tiers of referral possible but this option is only for the folks who start now and are in with an account prior to the release to the public as free sign-ups.

To be clear- There is no money being paid within Webtalk yet, they are still in testing, that is why they have offered such a great offer of 50% revenue share for Future revenue. But only for the people that start while the site is still in Beta testing. This is an investment in your future by setting up a base of referrals and building your network before the public launch with all the features added.

Webtalk Affiliate

To get in you need an invitation from a current member, that’s how they help you build a revenue stream of referrals. Eventually, this will be open registration for Free, after that, you can still get credit for a referral but you will only share in 10% of the earnings from that point. Still, a good deal but much harder to have referrals since it will be free to join without an invitation.

There are no payouts at this time since there is no commerce section running yet, you can get in and set up a large list of referrals and when the magic happens you can see a very nice income stream if you keep inviting members. There is no cost to be a member, eventually there will be a premium version upgrade that offers more features. That is how you will make money, when folks upgrade their account in the future or purchase ads or services via the e-commerce part that is yet to be launched

That is why you need Referrals, so in the future when this takes off you have an income stream. You get the revenue sharing for LIFE not just once, so whatever your referrals do now and in the future works for you.

On a side note.

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Back to Webtalk,

At first glance, I thought this Webtalk was a form of an MLM scheme since it was big on recruiting members but after getting in myself and looking around and setting up my profile I have a much different impression. Many sites that offer a service have an Affiliate Program and this one is no different. All legit and all about social interaction and giving you more control over your account and how you manage your followers and referrals. very similar to what Crowdfire does except only on one platform.

A shot from my Webtalk profile page.

Webtalk Profile

Here is my link for you to use as an invitation. Come on in and get started.

 Invite Me To Webtalk

If you have an online business or know someone who does, then you should consider getting in and inviting them. Businesses will be the main users of the stuff that you will get paid for as a referrer, They will spend money on upgraded features and advertising, all a win win for you as you get your cut from that.

Several upgrades to the Beta release are coming soon, at time of writing this it was in 12 days for the next update, here are some of what is coming as per the Webtalk website and CEO -RJ Garbowicz,

Big NEW Features Coming Soon: (not all will be in Beta v2.15)

*Block Function

*Turn off public (non-connection) comments on posts

*Email Confirmation during onboarding (prevents lost confirmation emails)

*Video 2.0

*Share Vimeo Links

*Personalized content attached to referral links

*Social Syndication (post to Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter from Webtalk)

*Webtalk Swag Store: Get your own t-shirts, affiliate marketer business cards, hats and more!

*New videos

They are working towards an entire marketplace for e-commerce that has a social media platform attached to it.

Why Now?

The reason to start now is spelled out above. The 50% revenue share is only given to those who are members Prior to the general release to the public. They do this in order to get a large user base and also prove out the system to work like it is supposed to. They reward those of us who are helping to test the system with a fantastic Affiliate Program 50% revenue share for Life!!

There are currently over 1 Million users on Webtalk, and that changes rapidly everyday.

Just imagine if you joined Facebook under a similar offer and as big as it is, you have many followers. If those were people you invited you could have a very lucrative income stream, but that platform does not work that way. Webtalk does!!

As the video says above, Get in now and invite your friends and family before they invite you. LOL 🙂


In summary, I showed you a fantastic money making potential opportunity. The early users will have the greatest earning potential, so time is critical as the beta is progressing well. Webtalk has a very bright future and a solid reputable business model that is many years in the making.

Social media marketing is one of the best ways to connect businesses with potential customers, and being in at the beginning of a new platform gives you a distinct advantage over your competitors


Get started right now here


Thank you for your time and see you on the platform

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    • Timothy,

      I have inquired about exactly that. I imagine it will include Paypal as well as other methods. The money will come from premium upgrades advertising revenue and transactions made by your referrals.

      Here is the statement from Webtalk on how they payout.

      Via Direct Deposit, PayPal or Webtalk’s Visa Payroll Card (global)
      *Payments are once per month on the 28th day of the following month
      *$100 minimum to request a withdraw

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care

  1. Thank you so much for providing such great info. Why not, I have already signed up using your link. However, the whole process is still a bit confusing to me. When I signed up, my account is ready and am logged in, where do I start now? Where do I get the Affiliate link? Do I have to sign for the affiliate program? OR I am automatically an affiliate by joining through your link? Will need a bit of clarity there.

    • Ngonidzashe,

      Thanks for signing up. You are already an affiliate once you sign up. The referral link will be upper left corner next to the “Webtalk” phrase select the arrow next to the picture and a menu pops up with your information including your links. Also on the right side of the screen the 3 bars are also a menu and contain the information on who joined as your referrals. These menu’s have other functions but this is where you will find them. Either of the 2 links will work to give you credit as the referrer.  Hope this helps. Feel free to check back if you have more questions.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  2. Webtalk sounds really interesting, I am still in my early stages of learning about Affiliate Marketing, but I definitely would like to give Webtalk a try, because I can see a lot of potential in it for me as I progress in my business .  Thanks for your wonderful article.


    • Dora,

      Fantastic, I am happy you want to try Webtalk. Yes the potential is huge, if you can start a chain reaction of referrals and get that 5 levels deep you will stand to make some good income from this potentially. Heck, It’s Free so if it doesn’t work out no harm done. Look me up when you get signed up, I will show up as your first follower.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  3. I think this system is in a great position to rapidly grow itself and its user base. The free aspect of Webtalk really benefits both sides in that way. However, I can see that for right now the referral system is the huge driving force behind making money and such but I feel like more importance should always go towards the actual core of what Webtalk is. I enjoyed reading what it is about and watching the video on how it should operate, but I’m more concerned with seeing if they truly execute well (or even better than planned) before jumping into referrals and such. I do see the potential that Webtalk has. I also think it would be best to market themselves as a “social e-commerce ecosystem” (or something of that sort) as opposed to a social media/e-commerce platform. This is primarily because it seems to general/confusing for people (especially at this stage), can appear to compete directly with major social media platforms, and better describes Wabtalk, etc.

    • Ryan,

      Great in depth comment. I appreciate it. Your analysis is great, the marketing tactic was a bit confusing to me at first since I wasn’t sure if they where going for the retail side or the Social networking side, but they are apparently doing both. So I agree with how they could market in better way. This one will be fun to watch to see what happens

      Thanks for taking time to comment

      Take care


  4. Webtalk seem quite interesting. I have not heard about this one in particular but I have heard about similar opportunities. I think this is definitely an interesting business idea. I am assuming that when it takes off there will be a lot more advertising out there in the form of marketers recruiting into their down lines.

    I will keep my eye out for this one.

    • Renton,

      Yes the business idea is very interesting indeed .You are correct , when it takes off people will be advertising much more. The only catch is that it will be free to join without an invite, just like all the other SM sites, but at the same time the revenue will be flowing. So I will also be curious to watch.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  5. Hi Todd,

    I never heard about Webtalk before, I believe that it is legit as I checkedtheir site and I believe in your review. I have to say that I’m interested intrying this. It is so nice of you to give the invitation link. I will save thispost and consider joining soon.



    • Strahinja,

      They are legit, we just do not know how long the Beta testing will continue, They have an interesting business model and I am curious to see if it takes off like they think it will. 

      Thanks for taking the time to comment

      Take care


  6. Great review on Webtalk. I’ve been hearing more and more about this new platform social media site, but I’m still a little unsure of it.  Are there a lot of people joined in already? If you decide to upgrade, how much is it? Is it a one-time fee or a recurring monthly fee?  How do you like it so far?  Have you had many people join up already?  I guess their 50% profit campaign is really helping people to promote the site 🙂

    • Nicki,

      All great questions, I will see if I can answer them for you. There are over 1 Million users already, they created the affiliate program to help increase the user count quickly so they can validate the Beta version of the site before adding more features. They have not launched any of the paid features yet, so no money is flowing, that’s why it is a great opportunity to get in and get your profile set up and invite all your frineds, by the time this has money flowing you will have a nice referral network. As far as what it will cost? I am not sure but I would imagine not much. I like it and yes I have referrals already.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  7. I’ve been hearing about this new social media platform for a while but haven’t checked it out yet. I think I might have to. This seems like a great place to manage all social media personas (personal, work, coworkers, etc.) all in one place but having the ability to easily keep them all separated. I enjoyed the video that included in this blog post. It made it really clear how the whole thing works. Kind of makes it sound too good to be true but hey, if you can join the affiliate program for free any money that you get from it is free money! You really provided a great overview as well. Thanks for all the great information!

    • Lynne,

      I like the outline of Webtalk with what they plan to do with it. The way you can organize your contacts like you mentioned. Yes it is free to join and free to earn. If it ends up being bogus, then we close our account and move on. But I really think this is the real deal and a fantastic opportunity. There is no risk at this point.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take care


  8. Great article Todd! In the last few days I have heard tha many talking about this new platform and I have believed that it is some sort of scam. With this post you convinced me that it is not and I will register right now because earning potential is pretty high.

    • Daniel,

      Nice to know I could help you out. I saw some of the same posts about it being a scam. I dont see it to be a scam, but I do see it as a potential Gold mine if folks get started now and build a referral base. Glad to know you will register, look me up when you get signed up and I will follow you.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment

      Take Care


  9. Hi Todd,

    Thanks so much for posting this article about Webtalk. I really enjoyed reading it! I have seen someone use Webtalk just recently. But I had no idea what it was so I just ignored it. But now after reading this article, I have to say that Webtalk actually looks very interesting! I especially like that the starter membership is free of charge.

    • Ios,

      Glad you liked the article. Actually the entire thing is free at this point, there is no premium membership yet for Webtalk. There are plans for that and I do not know when they will launch, but that just means that you as a referrer will get a cut of whatever your referrals do when the money starts to flow.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take care


    • Tony,

      As far as I know you are. If you are referring to Webtalk, I have not heard of any exclusions. Best way to find out is to click the link and find out. It’s totally free to sign up. Then share your link out and get on the path to making money when this site goes live to the public. If you are referring to Wealthy Affiliate then there are some countries that are excluded due to high fraud and Spam rates from those countries. Ghana, Nigeria I believe are the African countries excluded from the Free starter. But you can always sign up straight to premium from those countries. Let me know if you need a link to get in.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  10. Hey Todd,

    Thank you for sharing WEBTALK with us.

    I like the idea behind this by sharing revenue with its members. A great way to drive up it members and also potential advertisers to the platform.

    By participating in this new platform, you’re not only socialized and interacting with family, friends and acquaintances but you can make money too unlike those other social media platforms.

    While the system is still under beta test, take the opportunity to join them after all it’s free.

    Best regards.

    Shui Hyen

    • Zayn,

      Yes the risk is removed, It’s FREE just like any other social media platform. The opportunity here as a marketer is great and friends and family can also benefit from doing the same thing, building a base. If you know someone who has a large social media following, This could be a money maker for them and 100% legit.

      I like spotting good opportunities early on. I got in early on Bitcoin when everyone was saying it was fake. Now look at it. Webtalk is the same way, a great opportunity to be had

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  11. Hi Todd,

    I have to say this article contains really helpful and valuable information! As a newbie in social media marketing, that tries to run a business via social media I struggle quite a lot with managing all the people on my accounts – I have to use different accounts in different social media for different people which can be a nightmare to manage. However, after reading all that information, about Webtalk (for which I was a bit skeptic at first) I will now gladly give it a shot!

    Thank you for the great post :).


    • Nick,

      Nice to see you have noticed the value in this offer. As marketers it is our job to find good deals and share that with our readers. This is one of those deals, simply an opportunity that costs nothing. Just building a referral base while the system is new will lead to a potentially great revenue source down the road. This is simply an affiliate program at it’s core. Webtalk is new and they are trying to build their membership base to test the viability of the system, so they are offering this affiliate program for a limited time until this goes open to all Free to join, like the other platforms.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  12. Okay, I’m a little confused on how webtalk acts as a social media platform AND an e-commerce shopping platform at the same time. I’m mainly confused at why someone would use the social side of it – is it mainly to connect and talk to people who have bought, or are in the process of buying the same item you are looking at?

    I agree that the setup looks no different than a MLM setup, and that you earn revenue by referrals, but do you also earn revenues from those referrals that use the e-commerce side of things?

    Sorry for all the questions – it sounds like an interesting platform but I don’t understand how certain aspects work! 

    • Chris,

      Good questions. I am still learning about how Webtalk operates to be honest. But my understanding is that the social side will be like Linkedin in a way, you build a profile and you can connect with other business opportunities. Check out the video in the post, it will explain it a bit better than I can. Yes you earn by referrals when they buy something in the future, like a Pro upgrade or an item that they purchase or extra services, so the money does not happen now as there is no commerce side yet. But it is coming, thats why getting in for Free and building a referral base now can set you up for a long time to come.

      Thanks for the comment

      Take Care


  13. Hey there! Thanks so much for sharing this opportunity to connect with me. It is so interesting that I can make money online while also networking with other people. I will bookmark this page because I think that it is something I might like to add to my business a little bit later when I get the time to.

    Take care!


    • Marlinda,

      Glad you see the value in this, it is a great opportunity. Totally Free to be a member. Might not be a bad idea to consider it sooner rather than later, due to the fact the BETA version is only up for a limited time and All Beta members will still get the 5 -tier Affiliate program even after it goes public. After that it is only 10% with one tier like any other Affiliate Program.  Glad you book marked this. Check back and give it a go when you are ready.

      Thanks for the Comment

      Take Care


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