What Is Affiliate Marketing About And How It Works

What Is Affiliate Marketing About And How It Works

What Is Affiliate Marketing About And How It Works

Discover The Holy Grail Of Online Marketing

You most likely are looking into starting a business online but are not sure what to do or how to do it, having heard about affiliate marketing I bet your asking what is affiliate marketing about and how it works? Well I will do my best to explain and hopefully you can see how fantastic it is as an income source. To understand what it is, we must first clear up what affiliate marketing is NOT. Affiliate marketing is not a MLM or pyramid scheme, nor is it a get rich quit proposal that you see online now days. I have been an affiliate marketer now for quite a while and I see many people struggle with what they think affiliate marketing is.

Customer Purchase Lifecycle

The Details How Affiliate Marketing Works

Affiliate marketing is a form of e-commerce that allows a website owner to advertise a product or service for someone else like a retailer and receive a commission for sales that result from their website. Basically you would be an online sales representative, Now before you roll your eyes and say “great another used car salesman”. It is not that way at all if done properly. Most successful marketers can use a passion or a skill they have and share that skill with a website and profit from it, How? By searching for a niche market for their skill set or passion. Confused yet?

What Is Affiliate Marketing About And How It Works

Let us try it this way. Say you are passionate about “home schooling for kids” and you are wondering about how to make money doing that. Here is how it works. You start a website( more on that in a minute) and you research and gather information that people want to know about in regard to homeschooling, then as you gather data you search for keywords related to your niche using a keyword look up tool ( see Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review Here) and find relevant topics related to homeschooling that have the right amount of traffic and low competition and you post articles related to your niche to help people understand what you know and want to share. Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest growing income platforms online and is expected to continue to grow very rapidly.

Not Always Specific But Effective

The keywords you find may not be as specific as “home schooling” they may be like “best home school topics” or “how to get your child to learn math at home”, see how this works? then you explain each one of these topics in a post. This way you can keep adding fresh content to your website which will help you get ranked and become an authority on your topic which will lead to website traffic and ultimately revenue.

Where the Money Comes From

While you are gathering your data, you also sign up for an affiliate program from a place that has retail items related to your niche of home schooling for kids. It could be books for example and you could sign up with a place like Amazon or Barnes and Noble and they provide you with an “affiliate link” that you use on your website.

That link is unique to you and also the retailer, so you put up on item for sale from Barnes and Noble and add your affiliate link to the item so it links to Barnes and Noble when a user clicks on it. What the link does is give you credit for the sales made from your website if someone buys a book, you get a small piece of the profit and you do not need to have the inventory because that belongs to the retailer, you simply advertise it. The shipping and handling and any returns are done thru the retailer.

What Is Affiliate Marketing About And How It Works


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Lather Rinse Repeat

so once you have this all set up with your affiliate links on your site, you then repeat the steps listed above and continue to help people with your information and post new and informative information for them. Once your website gets established in search engines it then begins to gain credibility and your posts begin to rank high much faster and that leads to more and more traffic and ultimately into revenue.

The Perks Of Affiliate Marketing

How you benefit from affiliate marketing. You get rewards in many ways. I will list a few for you.

  • You do not need inventory or have to deal with shipping
  • You profit from something you enjoy doing
  • Business can run on auto pilot if you need to go on vacation
  • You make money while you sleep
  • Your commute is now how long it takes you to get a cup of coffee and sit at the computer.
  • If done properly can replace any income source you have today

There are many more benefits but those are the main ones. The cool part is you can truly help people and not have to have a bunch of stuff lying around the house or in the garage to ship to people. You work in tandem with your retail partner or partners since you can set up as many as you like. And the website does the work for you as far as the money goes. Yes you still have to work hard at it and keep the site current by adding new posts and articles as well as any products you are advertising.

How To Earn Money From Home Online

Bring It All Together

So you may be wondering about this website I keep mentioning. Here is how I can help you. If I told you there is a place online that can provide you with 2 websites for FREE and yes I mean totally free with no personal information required, and also at the same time show you how to build them and have them online in minutes and also provide you with World Class affiliate marketing training, Would you believe me? Well I can and here it is. Please check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate Here.

What have you learned?

I have shown you how affiliate marketing works, provided you with information and links to tools as well as a fantastic training platform to learn from and at the same time I have tried to help you get the right data you need in order to get started.
So this post was about how affiliate marketing works and as you know I am an affiliate marketer. I am also a member of Wealthy Affiliate and yes I have the same type of affiliate links I mentioned in this article and some are in this post. I tell you this for a few reasons.

1 I am not trying to scam you, I am being honest and explaining my side of it

2, I genuinely want to help you get started on a path that can be successful

3. I have never seen a place in my 13 years of doing business online that has all the information and tools in one place like Wealthy Affiliate does. They truly are the Holy Grail of online marketing
4. I Promote what I know works, not just something to make sales with. I hope you will do the same when you start.


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Thank you for your time. and Good Luck in your online journey


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