What is The Best Online Business

what is the best online business


5 Solid Online Business Ideas to Run At Home


Trying to answer the question what is the best online business? can be a bit subjective. To really decide that I will say that it is ultimately up to you to decide. Seriously. How can I tell you what the best online business to start is If I do not know your skills or what you would like to do. In this post I will lay out a few options I am familiar with and let you decide. If you are a return reader of this site you will probably notice a particular set of business opportunities I frequently recommend and I do that because I have personal experience with them. It would not be my place to advise you on what business to run if I had not done it myself.
I will provide you with some options and let you decide what is best for you, how’s that?

We will cover the following options for you

  1. Drop Shipping- See my review on Worldwide Brands Here
  2. Auctions
  3. Online Surveys-Browsing
  4. Online-Store
  5. Affiliate Marketing

Drop Shipping

So I have covered drop shipping a few times on this site but it never hurts to do it again. This can really work well if you are in a small space like a condo or a house and have no shop or warehouse for products as you do not need inventory or a staff to handle shipping to customers. You will have to handle customer questions and concerns and depending on your supplier you may deal with returns to you as well. So the space you are in matters, for example if you have a large item you are promoting like I did with mattresses and toppers, customer returns came to me, so it can get interesting if you are in a small space. That being said this option can be a very successful model for doing business since you can take that inventory part out of the equation, which can lead to expansion of your business to sell more items related to your brand like accessories or add-ons.

This also gives you the option to easily promote your brand on different platforms, meaning a website as well as online auction sites like eBay. Many folks selling on eBay or Yahoo auctions are drop shippers and they have very lucrative businesses. Here is the option I used for drop shipping as they are a solid option with a good reputation. Worldwidebrands.com

You can check out my Worldwide Brands Review Right Here for more information on what they have to offer

what is the best online business to start

Online Auctions

There are many sites online that have auction style formats. eBay and Yahoo being probably the most widely used. They also have the option to have a store front on their site so you are not just auctioning, you have “buy it now” options as well. This can be very easy to start out in as you do not need a website, that’s huge. However I recommend having a website if you really want to have a long term business option as you can expand much easier and be more specific in controlling your brand. eBay has a ready made format that you just put up an add and sell items online, you can get rid of stuff in the garage or extra not needed items as well. “One mans junk is another mans treasure” as you can sell used or refurbished items as well.

It is a good idea to get set up with a supplier like in the option in drop shipping above, there are hundred of suppliers to choose from for your particular need. The draw back to this option is that competition is high and you can easily get undercut price wise by established power sellers that have huge share of the market and long standing relationships with their suppliers. Do not let that stop you though as competition is in all online business options and you can still make it work just fine. I did it and sold many items on eBay , my trick was to offer free shipping to my customers. They like to see one cost and not a cost for the item and shipping as well, You do to when shopping online, right?, so I covered shipping costs and it worked like a charm.


Surveys and Browsing

This one may not be a huge business model as the potential is fairly limited but you have an option to make a decent side income doing surveys and online browsing which we do everyday anyways. Just adding a plugin to your browser and going about your normal online activities can lead to income mainly in the form of gift cards but some survey sites pay money as well. I recommend Swagbucks for this honor as they have a huge set up and offer many ways to make a few bucks online. not just with surveys, there are options like trying out products and giving feedback or promoting items as well. Also an option to network a bit with others as they have a community format as well. Other survey only sites can work but you end up getting bogged down in nothing but promotional adds and options to buy stuff that it takes away from actually doing surveys. so that’s why I like swagbucks as they have other options to pick from.


Online StoreWhat is The Best Online Business

You can set up a nice online store easily with a WordPress website like they we do at wealthy affiliate. Or go to places like Etsy.com and sell your handmade items to show your craft. There are many folks on Etsy doing very well for themselves sharing their skills and talents online. Getting a retail website setup is a bit more involved but is made easy these days with the WordPress platform. ( see the video below on how fast you can create a professional website) Getting involved with a retail website has many benefits such as handling all aspects of an online business, including inventory and shipping to customers. The sky is the limit financially as you can grow it as much as you can handle in regards to inventory. This also will require the most work of all the options since it is a full blown business from top to bottom.



Affiliate Marketing

Probably the most patients testing option is affiliate marketing. To be a marketer you need no inventory, no shipping or customer returns. You are free to market anything that has a market that you are passionate about. That being said, you also need to be patient with this option. To many folks start affiliate marketing and just expect instant results and are left disappointed and claim that it does not work. when in fact it was “them” that did not work, as they jump right to P.P.C. marketing and try and pay for site rankings and end up eventually spending way to much for costs , so they give up. Affiliate marketing requires the skills to know how to rank in search engines and have a nice niche to profit from. It has been called the easiest way to make money online, however I disagree as it still requires a great deal of effort to keep your website current and relevant in order to stay ranked so you can generate revenue.

I am an affiliate marketer today, and I have found it to be very rewarding and a fantastic business model, with truly no limit to the financial success that can be achieved. you really can stop working for the man and not miss anymore of the kids soccer games without having to spend all your time dealing with customers and shipping and inventory. This business model can run on auto pilot for a bit if you need to go on vacation or are un available for a bit..You will need to keep it updated to stay current when you get back but it is possible. If you would like to try this option and start totally free with no catch, then GO HERE


Affiliate Marketing

Final Thoughts

so to really answer the question at the start of this post it is totally up to you on what is the best online business for you. I cannot answer that for you, however I have put forth a few options for you to consider and shown some of the differences in them. My advise is to set some goals on what you want to accomplish before you commit to anything and then ask your self which one works best for you. This is your business not mine. I hope I helped make this process a bit easier for you. I wish you great success on whatever you decide.

If I can help please let me know, or if you would like to comment and offer up other options as well, I am more than happy to comment in return and help others decide what is best for them.

Thank you and have a great day



I have been in the online world since 2004 I have the experience to know how to help you succeed. The best decision I ever made is becoming an affiliate marketer as my business is flowing well. I can help you do the same, and get that online business going. Please see my About Todd Page for more information

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