What Is The Best Website Builder For A Small Business

What Is The Best Website Builder For A Small Business


Get Online in Less Than a Minute

So the task of starting a website can be a bit scary and intimidating if you do not know how to do it. If you have a small business or want to start one and think you need a website the question comes to mind. What is the best website builder for a small business? The answer is a bit subjective as each persons’ expectation of what they are looking for varies. I will hopefully make that easier to understand, and also give you a website for Free. Read on.
What Is The Best Website Builder For A Small Business
The best chance for a small business to be successful online is to have a quality website. It is what connects you to your customers, it is the first impression and your chance to make an impact that could result in helping solve a problem that your readers are searching to find an answer for, which in turn could result in revenue for you.

Make it easy

So most of todays websites are developed using design platforms which also contain content management systems which make development pretty close to plug and play. WordPress is one of those platforms as almost 1/3 of the websites online today are using a WordPress platform. What are some reasons to use WordPress

  • Easy To use over 10,000 Plugin ( mostly free) ad ons available to enhance your site with one click in most cases.
  • 1400 +Templates used to make designing a snap.
  • No Coding Required
  • No techy skills required( if you are tech savvy no worries you can still get under the hood)

These are some reasons I use a WordPress platform for my websites as well. But I can take it one step further for you to make this even easier.

About me

I have been online in one form or another since 2004 trying several online business opportunities and I have found that the one I am on now will be the one that sticks. I am a member of the largest online marketing community in the world Wealthy Affiliate with over 1 Million Members. A company that has revolutionized the world of starting a business online. We use WordPress websites and have developed an additional platform called SiteRubix.com to offer these websites For Free with Free Hosting with a Free starter membership which is also Free until you change it, meaning no trial period, it lasts forever if you want it to. Here is a link to my profile page within Wealthy Affiliate feel free to read my Bio and learn more about me.

What’s the Catch

I knew you would ask? and what separates Wealthy Affiliate from the rest of the crowd online is there is no catch, no spammy sales promotion, no Up-sells no scamming, 100% legit. 1 Million members would not stick around if it was a scam. They have such a good program that they can stand behind what they offer and let you in for free to see for yourself. Many of todays top online businesses are members of the community as well as many more just starting out.


So I can get you online in just a few minutes if you are up for it and you can start a journey that many of us including myself are on today. The Box below will let you start the process of creating 1 of 2 free websites, yes I said 2. What would you like to name your website? see if your desired name is available.

What will your domain name look like?

Your domain name will look similar to “yourwebsitename.siterubix.com“, and it is instantly ready for you to use. Pick your website name, create your starter account, and install your site, it’s that simple.

“SiteRubix takes website building to a completely new level by allowing you to turn your passion into a thriving Internet business. We have completely removed all technical aspects of building a website and provided an experience that allows you to be up and running within minutes. SiteRubix is powered by WealthyAffiliate.com which provides you with training, support, and tools to turn your creation into something truly valuable.”


Here is a video walk thru of how fast you can create your free website using the SiteRubix platform

What you will get for Free

Once you go through the process of getting set up on your new adventure, here is what you will receive

  • 2 Free websites created by you and customized to your liking
  • Free web hosting for your websites via SiteRubix.com
  • Secure Hosting via the robust Wealthy Affiliate servers that will protect your site security in multiple ways
  • Access to many thousands of plugins and website add-ons for your site – One Click with wealthy affilate
  • Many great Website Templates to choose for your website design- you can change themes at any time no problem
  • Access to the largest online business community in the world with limitless training opportunities and support
  • The Training to get your business off the ground by building the foundation for success
  • You will learn how to find a niche market, how to do keyword research and Proper SEO techniques for your website

To be fair, there is a paid membership for wealthy affiliate but I am suggesting you try the free option to see how this will truly change the landscape for your small business and set you up for success, Try the website builder for yourself and see what you think

Curious about wealthy affiliate?

 Check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review page to see more

How a website helps your small business

The Benefits of a professional website for your small business are many, and having the right process makes the chance for success so much higher. You can own your brand in a way that makes it unique to you which can make you stand out from the others online with a similar business. You give your business credibility by having a place for people to go online if they are on the town with a smart phone or at home online. The convenience pays off in many ways. Not to mention the ability for you to run your business from your living room or from anywhere in the world. You can travel and still check in on your business just by getting online.

I look forward to seeing you online and I wish you great success in your online journey


Start your journey today and thrive tomorrow



I have been in the online world since 2004 I have the experience to know how to help you succeed. The best decision I ever made is becoming an affiliate marketer as my business is flowing well. I can help you do the same, and get that online business going. Please see my About Todd Page for more information

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