What To Know Before Starting A Small Business Online

starting a small business online

Before Starting A Small Business Online-[Read This]


Starting a business online may seem to be a bit scary or exciting depending on your skill set. Well, let me clear up a few of your questions about it and see if it makes sense for you. I see this question come up online regularly, what to know before starting a small business online? Let’s break it down for you.

Scared To Start Online Business

First, let me clear up a few myths that may be floating around and then I will get into a few things you can look into before you start your online journey. I see on forums and other venues online so-called “experts” claiming that you need many skills and a large budget to succeed online, well that is simply not true, as we continue I will explain my reasoning on that.

To further clarify this topic see my Article about 10 Myths about starting an online business

There is the “must haves” and the “would be helpful” when it comes to what you need to know about running an online business.

Must Haves for starting a small business

To make it happen online you do need a few things but they may not be specific classes or area’s of study but more of a mindset and understanding of the process. We will cover education needed shortly

You must have a desire to succeed and be willing to work for it. OK I know that sounds cheesy, but it is so true. An online business is not easy regardless of what the scammers sell you on.

To make money online you have to be willing to push through some roadblocks that will pop up along the way. If you would quit at the first set back then this type of business is not for you. For desired results to come, you will need to make a commitment to yourself and work at it on your schedule until you make it. The time frame before money comes in is unknown since there are so many variables in what you do compared to others.

You must be willing to learn outside of your comfort zone. This industry is highly competitive and also a bit challenging especially when you are just starting out. Embracing new skills and opportunities will really help.

A Reasonable Budget. You may think you can operate your online business for Free and yes it is possible to make money that way, however, you will work quite a bit harder and take longer to succeed. In reality, you will need some sort of monthly budget, that you are willing to put towards your business. It can be small like $100 a month or whatever you are comfortable with. It is important to not overspend especially when just getting started.

A Reasonable Budget

You may be tempted by every new shiny object that gets pushed on you by those who say you can get rich overnight, If you feel you need additional tools or help, then research what you need before paying for anything.

Instructions to follow. This may not make sense at first and that is OK, but know that spending your time searching for every free tool and training option can work, yes, but it takes quite a bit of your time and you get bits and pieces of information to use. I would recommend a proven program or platform of learning that has the structure and flow to follow.

Here is the place I use to run my business- All the tools, training, community support and mentoring I need to make it all come together, They will teach you the “right ” way to make money online.


 The All In One Solution For Online Business Startups


Web hosting service- The place you use to host your website and get it online- Most hosting plans are very affordable like just a few dollars a month. See my post 10 best web hosting services for 2019. That will get you started with your research for a web host.

Nice Skills To Have

If you are a student or are just wanting to know what classes to take before starting out online, start with Web Design as a starting point. You will learn how websites are set up and what it takes to make it appealing to the reader, among other skills.

Another nice skill is HTML coding, you can probably find all you need to know online without taking a structured class. But if you learn better in a classroom environment then go that route.

Basic Accounting would be very helpful since, after all, you are trying to run a business which requires the flow of money in and out of your accounts. So learning how to keep track of your business expenses and income is important. Online income can come from multiple sources so finding a way to keep it all straight will make your life easier as a business owner.

Graphics Design Skills Help- Today’s online economy is trending towards visually appealing content, images, videos, graphics and so on. It is a proven fact that images that are relevant to your article can generate a better response from your visitors and video takes that to a whole new level.

Pinterest for example, one of the fastest growing online platforms, is all visual and you can get a great deal of traffic from Pinterest if you have appealing images. So having a few go-to options for graphics is a good skill to have

That being said, I am no graphics designer but I have created every graphic on this site and the majority of the videos. I have no graphic design training. My point is that you need not worry too much if you are not skilled at graphics design if you have an opportunity to take a class or find some solid training then go for it.

Here are a couple of places I use for my graphics- They are Free to sign up and use. Each has a paid option as well but Free is enough to get you rolling

Canva – A fantastic site that gives you control over your graphics design, a well-organized set of templates for many formats available online today and you can also make custom sizes. This shot below is just a partial screenshot of the template page. Signing up for a Canva is Free.

Canva Templates


Design Wizard A graphics design site that also has the ability to create videos using templates or pre-uploaded files from you. The images are created using templates or custom sizes for the dimensions of your choice.

Design Wizard

Having a good proficiency with your native language helps when writing- In my case that’s English. You don’t need to be a prize-winning journalist nor have a major in your language of choice, but being able to effectively communicate your message is a nice skill.

Getting Started Can Be Easier Than You Think

You may see many articles about needing to have a bunch of skills before getting started online or need a huge budget to make it all work out. Those statements are False. You do need a budget but you can start small and build it once you start seeing revenue come in.

The way things are now in today s online world, creating a website is actually easy with all the templates and pre-formatted options available. For example, this website is a WordPress website and I used a template to build it. Getting it set up as far as how it looks takes some time but it is all part of the challenge and a new skill once learned.

Check out a few places that have structured programs to start with. I have listed the place I use above, but there are others. Just remember not to fall for the “set it and forget it” scams that will try to convince you to make a small investment and have a free ride to millions. Those programs will not teach you much other than how to spend your money.


As you have read, there are some things you need before you start but most are a mindset and getting your head right before you dive in. The nice to have skills do really help if you can swing it, but seriously if you find a good web host, just download a WordPress website and once installed you are online in a few minutes, the rest of it happens based on what you learn along the way.

The day to day operation of your site should be easy, especially if it is a plug and play option like WordPress with all the templates out there. Patience and perseverance will be your main factors in how well you do online. If you can master them, the rest should work out fine. So before starting a small business online, do your homework a bit and be ready mentally before making the leap.

Do you currently have a website? anything you would like to add to this post, your experiences or training? any questions I can help with? Feel free to comment below.

Thank you for your time



I have been in the online world since 2004 I have the experience to know how to help you succeed. The best decision I ever made is becoming an affiliate marketer as my business is flowing well. I can help you do the same, and get that online business going. Please see my About Todd Page for more information

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