Why Affiliate Marketing

Why Affiliate Marketing?


You can truly follow your passion with affiliate marketing, promote it and also profit from it. That’s a winner. One of the better small home business ideas, You can learn how to make money online. Works for me right?

Affiliate marketing is truly one of the most successful home business ideas. It is true. You do not need to have products piling up in a warehouse or your Garage. You ‘do not deal with shipping or returns. you simply market and advertise your favorite passion and you watch the profits come in. You also get the benefit of knowing you’re doing something you love. I was skeptical at first when I first heard about Internet marketing oh about 15 yrs. ago. And since then I have watched the net grow into a thriving mecca of monetary gains. It’s the future happening right now. No one wants to drive for 20 minutes and park and walk into a store and wander around aimlessly looking for a particular items. They look online, so why not be part of the process that is the market place of today and will even be more involved tomorrow.

Have a passion:

Why Affiliate marketing

Take that feeling our thought you have an turn it into profit and at the same time feel great that you are doing something meaningful to you.     No more going to the 9-5 grind and having to pull that extra Friday afternoon overtime shift.  You can truly follow your heart and have all you need in today’s world. Yes you will have to work at it and no it will not be free or just put up a website and forget about it. You will do research, learn, grow and at the same time build a business that can provide you with the financial freedom we all dream of.



Affiliate marketing is not a mystery:

The digital world of today has many roads, and the opportunities are endless. With over 3 Billion people with access to the internet that is a massive playing field to explore. There are also many scams that have people a bit hesitant to just jump into something they find online. Well, affiliate marketing is no scam if done properly. With the right training and effort on your part, you can show that huge audience something you are passionate about, and make a nice income doing it. Affiliate marketing has been around for quite a while and most of us do not even realize it. Online income is what I am sure most of us want, companies pay millions of dollars on advertising costs and many times they realize a good profit in return from it. You can do the same and profit from advertising online and get your piece of the pie. which is why it is one of the best small home business ideas. You can truly follow a passion and profit from it.



Build a website:

To properly reach the audience you will need a good website, and the training and tips to make a successful business out of affiliate marketing. There are many really good website creation tools available today that can make life so much easier than when I first started with online websites back a few years ago. Now you can build an effective site very quickly and keep adding to it to make it a financial machine for you. I use the WordPress platform which is easy and simple to do. Just as an example. this website went online 4/1/17, it is still being developed and already you are here and I have had many visitors already to this point, so you can see how fast things can happen if you work at it.


Content is King: 

The heartbeat of any website is the content, knowing how and what to add content wise is very important. There are some helpful tips to learn as far as content creation as well, that make your site take the next step in rankings and readability and user trust. Keywords also play a huge role in your online success and niche marketing to get exposure is a must.



Learn and profit:

Just as you can follow your passion for what you want, so can others. You will have competition but the tools you use and the knowledge you gain can really help you lead the way and provide you with a very solid income, many online companies are searching for marketers you can truly benefit from some research and good tips and tools. Many folks are making very good incomes with affiliate marketing. Why not be a part of it. You need the desire and a passion and a bit of training and you to can live the dream.


List of Pros and Cons relating to affiliate marketing

Pros                                                                                    Cons

No Inventory needed at all                                            Need Patience to start no instant money

No Shipping costs                                                            True Cost to get going,Not always known

No need to go to a place for work                                 Finding good training can be a challenge

Money is Endless, No Cap                                              What to Market?

No Commute                                                                     Little exposure of website at first

Can work from anywhere


To address some of the listed above let’s start with

The Pros

Affiliate marketing is portable income, there is no inventory unless you choose to be a direct seller in addition to marketing. The day to day most of us go thru is no more, driving to a physical work location and have a cap on the money you make. The sky is truly the limit when it comes to finances. You can gain knowledge and experience that will lead you to many options for income in the online business world.

The Con’s

We are in a world where we expect instant answers as well as results. Affiliate marketing is a test of patience in that regard. You need to build the base then the money flows like a waterfall. Good training is key and many folks starting out in this business try and go the instant way mentioned above, so they find the fastest and cheapest way to start marketing. The training is usually lacking, so success is fleeting. Knowing what to market, you also need the training to acquire the skills to know how to leverage keywords and SEO to your advantage. Exposure of your product or service is huge, you won’t make money if no one can find you. Knowing how to get ranked in searches in paramount.


Use the tools provided in whatever training you find you can easily bang out a revenue-generating website in short time. You can learn the steps to grow your exposure and rank your site in Google and other search engines. This is no scam, affiliate marketing is real and here to stay.

You can do what you love and get away from the day to day grind of going to work at a physical location. It really is a successful home business idea. Why not sit on your computer or phone and work that way. And make all the money you will ever need. Advice?  Do your homework and look at several programs and get informed.  I have tried a few myself but finally settled on wealthy affiliate. But this is your online business, and to be successful in this you need to start doing research as that will be an everyday activity going forward regardless of who you choose to provide you the training you need.

If you decide to go with affiliate marketing, make sure you give it the effort to give it a real chance. You will be successful if you do I have no doubt. I wish you great success and good luck in your online journey

You can read my review of wealthy affiliate here

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Thank you and take care





I have been in the online world since 2004 I have the experience to know how to help you succeed. The best decision I ever made is becoming an affiliate marketer as my business is flowing well. I can help you do the same, and get that online business going. Please see my About Todd Page for more information

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8 Responses

  1. Kien says:

    Awesome site! I love affiliate marketing. You just choose a topic that you love and you can make money doing it. The best thing is you don’t have to deal with shipping and products. You can do it all by just creating a website and recommend people to your affiliate link. I heard that Wealthy Affiliate is a great community to join if you want to be an Affiliate marketer.

  2. Eril says:

    Affiliate Marketing ticks all the boxes for me – it offers me the freedom to be and to work from the basis of who I truly am. I am enjoying my journey. I would recommend WA to anyone who values growth in all aspects of life.


    Hello Todd,

    I love you site, you presented great information on Affiliate Marketing and yes Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform on the Internet. There is no other industry where you can make the kind of money one makes with the ease of implementation needed to become successful if done properly. I am proud to be a member of this Fantastic group of entrepreneurs who I think are the Best of the Best!

    May Our LORD and Savior Continue to Shower His Abundant Blessing Up On You Always!

    To God Give The Glory;
    We Praise His Holy Name;
    Your Brother in Christ;

    • WILLIAM GORDON says:

      Your comment is awaiting moderation.

      Hello Todd,

      I love your site, you presented great information on Affiliate Marketing and yes Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform on the Internet. There is no other industry where you can make the kind of money one makes with the ease of implementation needed to become successful if done properly. I am proud to be a member of this Fantastic group of entrepreneurs who I think are the Best of the Best!

      May Our LORD and Savior Continue to Shower His Abundant Blessing Up On You Always!

      To God Give The Glory;
      We Praise His Holy Name;
      Your Brother in Christ;

  4. Jordan says:

    Thanks for the information! I started off looking into drop shipping and found that there are a lot of hurdles that you have to jump through. Thankfully, I found that affiliate marketing is much better for starting off. The best thing about affiliate marketing is that although you do not have to deal with products, you could eventually turn your business into one that sells your own brand of products. Thanks for showing me a good place to learn more about the marketing bizz! Look forward to seeing what else you add in the coming days!

  5. Hello and I just want to say that you have and awesome website. Affiliate is also awesome because it is a low risk job not like the traditional business where you invest thousands of dollars. There is no overhead with this kind of business and you can work from the comfort of your own home, also the benefits of finding success online is so awesome. I would encourage anyone to give this business a try because the rewards are just mind blowing. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Kevin Bulmer says:

    What I love about Affiliate Marketing is the opportunity to align yourself and your efforts with people and products you truly believe in and wish to share with others. I’d encourage anyone with an interest in online marketing to choose a nice that feeds their passions, and you’ll find affiliates that will help you grow both as a business and as a person. Good luck!

  7. Ally says:

    Great article! It’s always great to hear about more work from home opportunities and affiliate marketing sounds like a great way to go. This website seems like a great option to learn to build websites and train to build your own online business. Thanks!

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