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Want to work from home? I think we all do. I am sure you have wondered about working from home. But what work from home jobs are available that can replace your current income? They do exist. Let’s talk about what working from home is like and what you can expect as a lifestyle. OK maybe I am getting a bit ahead of myself, but this depends on what you want to do. Work from a daily job where you report to a boss but get the privilege of working at home or starting your own business and ending the daily grind of doing what someone else wants you to do. In this post I will be talking about you starting an online business that can potentially replace your current income and much more. Better yet, you get to do it on your schedule and you work for yourself and even better yet start it totally free. Cool ? Now before you roll your eyes and say your BS meter is bouncing like a super ball at a kids’ birthday party. Let me explain how this works and then you can decide for yourself.


Personal Experience

I can tell you firsthand that working from home is as cool as it sounds. I am currently employed at a place of work but I also work from home and I run my online business from my living room on my schedule. I have been able to carve out a nice living and I am just getting to the good stuff business wise, So when I expand I will be able to totally quit my current daily job and be online full time. I expect that very soon.

The Skinny

I have tried several business models from auctions to drop shipping to retail website to affiliate marketing and I have found that only one gives me the freedom to make money on auto pilot and live the life style I choose. Online marketing or more specifically Affiliate Marketing. You basically are an advertiser for a company that pays you a nice commission for what is sold on your website. That’s the short version, Here is another way to explain it.

Let’s say you have a passion for something in your life like eating healthy and you want to share that with the world. You would set up a website ( I can get you online in less than 5 minutes for free) and create content in the form of pages and posts about a healthy lifestyle. Then you set up an “affiliate” relationship with a supplier that sells stuff you want to promote like lets say a juicer. You put an article up on your site about juicing and you add your affiliate link you got from your supplier so someone wants that juicer they are taken to the supplier for purchase. You get paid from the supplier a percentage of the sale price. Let’s use Amazon as an example. There are literally thousands of others but in this case we will keep it simple. Amazon would pay you a commission at various rates depending on the product( here is a link to the breakdown of what they pay.) and even better, you get credited for any other sales that happen during that buying session, so if someone clicks your juicer link and buys that juicer and also some protein powder and maybe does some Christmas shopping and buys an RC car for the kids’. You get credit for all of that and receive commissions for all of them. That is Awesome!! Not all affiliate programs work that way by giving you credit for all related sales in a shopping session, but they do offer commissions, you have to read the agreement so you understand how they work before signing up.

The benefits of working from home with affiliate marketing:

  1. You stay at home and grow a business from your living room
  2. You get to be with your family and friends and still gain an income
  3. No need to go to a place to do your job and be tired and away from your family
  4. Potentially make all the money you want
  5. Gain the knowledge and the skills to expand an online business
  6. Make money on auto pilot
  7. No dealing with overhead costs and inventory
  8. Can receive multiple commissions for one affiliate link depending on the affiliate agreement
  9. Affiliate marketing is growing extremely fast and the future is even brighter
  10. You are the Boss !!

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Do what you want:

working from home has many benefits. As an affiliate marketer you can set your own schedule and do whatever you want in order to follow your passion and profit from it at the same time. Sounds like a great gig to me. Once your business is up and running like you want you will be able to travel and enjoy all the things in life that interest you. You still will have to work at it as this is no easy job.

You Get Out What You Put In

If you think this will be easy then you may not be as successful as you hope you will. Yes it truly is free to start, but to expand your at home job you will need to work at it and put in the time to grow and learn the skills to greatly expand the online exposure required to gain a viable income from it. It is much easier than in the past, with all the new website creation tools and keyword search tools and other training out there now. But it is still something you will need to commit time to in order to really be successful with it.


Let your passion be your guide:

You really can follow your passion and make it all work, so when you are learning and maybe questioning what you are learning or trying to get noticed online, remember what started you on the path, and what is driving you to be a success. Staying true to a vision and being organized and taking in as many affiliate opportunities available within your niche as you can will lead to great success if you apply the training and knowledge you have learned along the way.

I have a page on how to get started with affiliate marketing here is the link if you need more information. I would also like to encourage you to read the review below which may answer any questions you have. There is more specific information on what is available for you

See my Review of Wealthy Affiliate here for information on how to get started


Thank you for your time



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I have been in the online world since 2004 I have the experience to know how to help you succeed. The best decision I ever made is becoming an affiliate marketer as my business is flowing well. I can help you do the same, and get that online business going. Please see my About Todd Page for more information

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